2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe Rumors

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2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

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2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe Rumors – 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
 Exterior and Interior
Overview 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

What is it?

The 2016 Cadillac ATS-V auto and auto aren’t decidedly complicated, alike if their engineering and achievement technology are acid edge. The smallest, lightest V Series cars to date anatomy Cadillac’s one-two bite at a luxury-performance chic continued bedeviled by European brands, excuses no best necessary.

The advancing set includes some of the best, best absorbing high-performance sedans and coupes in the world, including the Audi RS5, the Lexus RC-F and the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Cadillac agent arch architect Tony Roma calls the ATS-V “a bi-modal car” that compromises neither affluence nor performance, yet he makes no basic about its ultimate ambition and benchmark. That would be the adept clue brilliant amid these compact-class hot-rods—the BMW M3/M4.

To anatomy an M3 beater, Roma’s aggregation “considered every allotment and a actor details” in the accepted Cadillac ATS—already the lightest and arguably the sportiest car in its set. Engineers afflicted about 2000 genitalia from the ATS 2.0-liter turbo with FE3 action abeyance to get to V spec.

The best accessible almsman is the ATS-V’s twin-turbo V6, which shares block architectonics with Cadillac’s accustomed 3.6 and little else. Its crank is forged, its con rods are titanium and its valve alternation is upgraded. Gasoline is fed at 2,900 psi to advance optimum ammunition commitment and beating attention alike at 1.25 crabbed g. Its turbos accept low-inertia titanium-aluminide turbines and vacuum-actuated decay gates. Its patented low-volume intercooler improves packaging ability and maximizes allegation cooling. The track-ready lubrication arrangement includes a committed oil-cooler and high-velocity pump.

The net aftereffect of Cadillac’s accomplishment is 464 appliance and 445 pound-feet of torque, SAE certified. That’s 11 hp added than the antecedent projection, and 39 added than the M3’s inline six…and added than the RS5’s V8, and abandoned a few ponies beneath than V8s in the RC-F or 2016 C63, with added torque than all but the Mercedes.

One advantage of the V6, according to Roma, is a beneath block that improves balance. The ATS-V’s 51/49 percent front/rear weight administration is the best alike in the class. One of the bigger challenges was the V6’s inherently abstracted sound, which can be aggravated by the turbos. To accomplish the V complete as fast as it goes, Cadillac is relying on backpressure-reducing full-throttle flaps in both bankrupt pipes and some agenda affability from Bose. The electronics abbreviate beneath adorable frequencies and enhance added agreeable sounds, afresh aqueduct the aftereffect through the audio system.

The ATS-V comes with a six-speed chiral featuring no-lift shift, rev analogous and barrage control. Its alternative eight-speed automated is adopted from the Corvette, with a abate torque advocate and ascendancy updates. A hydraulic limited-slip animosity is standard, cooled on the aforementioned air-to-liquid ambit as the transmission, and Roma calls it “one of our key affability knobs.” The V’s half-shafts are sturdier than those in the accepted ATS, and asymmetrical. Added acerbity on the driver’s ancillary helps abbreviate arbor hop beneath adamantine acceleration.

Bodywork is altered from the A-pillars forward, including a carbon-fiber awning punched with a ample abstraction aperture to approach air from the agent bay and over the roof. The advanced and rear ends are aero optimized, with beyond grilles of abundant wire mesh. An alternative carbon cilia amalgamation adds a race-style splitter that generates accepted downforce. Fenders are added at all four corners.

V blueprint adds nine stiffening elements to the ATS unibody and added adhesive, primarily aimed at attached strut-tower flex. Structural acerbity improves 25 percent to board college cornering loads. The coupe’s 61.4-inch rear clue is one inch added than the sedan’s—largely a action of the adapted look—and its administration differences are credible to well-calibrated rear ends.

2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
Redesign and Review 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

A key to the ATS-V’s “bi-modal” affection is Cadillac’s Magnetic Ride Ascendancy adaptive suspension. With a faster processor and four abate magnets in anniversary shock, rather than two larger, Gen III MRC improves acknowledgment in the aforementioned way accompanying turbochargers beat a distinct turbo. It speeds acclimation time 40 percent, according to Cadillac, and absolutely pulls electric accepted out of the shocks back they charge to get softer, rather than aloof cat-and-mouse for the accepted to dissipate. Application abstracts from 18 altered sensors, accounting for council bend and anchor application, MRC reads and adjusts damping ante every inch of biking at 60 mph. And for the ATS-V, MRC is recalibrated for a firmer aiguille black rate.

Beyond the big-ticket items, V upgrades are pervasive. Springs and antithesis confined are firmer, accidental to 50-percent added cycle stiffness. There are new abeyance cradle mounts, and abounding of the bushings are replaced with zero-compliance brawl joints. The variable-rate ZF council arbor is stiffened to enhance attention and feedback.

The Brembo brakes are about those acclimated on the 2014 CTS-V, a car that weighs 500 pounds more—except for bigger metallurgy in the bi-metal rotors. The adamant discs are nitride advised to anticipate apparent blight and advance wear. Rotors admeasurement 14.5 inches in front, with six-piston aluminum calipers, and 13.3 inches rear, with four-piston calipers. The 18-inch rims are forged, accessible in three finishes, and adapted with three-compound, ATS-V-specific Michelin Pilot Super Sports (255/35ZR18 front, 275/35ZR rear).

There’s additionally a ambit of luxury-grade comfort, accessibility and assurance features. Automated Parking Assist cocky parks advanced or astern in alongside or erect spots. The full-color head-up affectation can be tailored to the driver’s preference. 4G LTE wi-fi feeds up to seven devices, and a wireless charging bin accuse them after cords. The ATS-V comes with eight accepted airbags and offers a ambit of cyberbanking nannies that use radar, optical cameras and accelerated sensors to advice abstain crashes. GM’s alternative Achievement Abstracts Recorder—with a GoPro-style video camera—might be the best clue app yet devised.

The ATS-V is the homologation car for the Cadillac GT3 racer advancing adjoin Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche in SCCA Apple Challenge. You can adjustment castigation now at $60,465 for the auto and $62,655 for the coupe. Base prices attenuate the M3 and M4 by $2,500, admitting with all options the V will beat $75,000.

If barrier weight holds abreast Cadillac’s 3,700-pound estimate, the ATS-V should bear a bigger power-to-weight arrangement than the lighter M3/M4, the RC-F, RS5 and C63. Abandoned the advancement C63 S will top it (for $20,000 more), and afresh abandoned by a hair. The ATS-V has as abundant annoy as annihilation in the class–more than best of its competitors—and the best weight distribution. Roma defines his conception thusly: “It’s the best car in the segment.”

Yet the subtleties shouldn’t be dismissed. Cadillac hasn’t taken the accessible or cheaper way with ATS-V, as we ability accept accepted not so continued ago. Development drivers like Roma—emphasis on drivers—are no best marginalized. He’s accomplished Akin 6 in GM’s accurate development disciplinarian acceptance process, with the consummate addition of Nürburgring certification. So has Nate Sumner, the ATS-V ride/handling architect who contest an SCCA Camaro in his additional time, and others who’ve logged hundreds of hours allocation the ATS-V on advance about the world.

We’re not abiding what that agency for Wall Street, but for enthusiasts travelling Main Artery it’s annihilation but good.

How’s it drive?

Two things angle out. One is that “bi-modal” character, with cogent aftereffect in abundance back the ATS-V is apprenticed for groceries. The added is its absolute adequacy and absorbing adequacy as a clue car, which shouldn’t abruptness anyone. From the Corvette Z06 to the Camaro Z28 and alike to the big Chevy SS sedan, GM has been architecture some of the best branch clue cars money can buy.

2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
 Price and Review
Rumors 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

The 3.6-liter V6 has no accessible ability peaks—only a abiding breeze of mega torque and alertness to run abreast its 7,500-rpm redline after a buzz or a complaint. It’s bland and acquiescent on the street, and added than able abundant to atone for a ailing advised accident of drive on a track. We don’t agnosticism Cadillac’s appear 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds.

Ratios in the chiral chiral are adapted for alley or track, and application it is annihilation abbreviate of a hoot. You can do it the ancient way, and try to bout revs back you downshift, or you can aloof bang the batten after appropriation from the burke and let the electronics do the work, and be adored with the sounds a adept creates.

The ATS-V lapping Ambit of the Americas.

The aboriginal consequence with the automatic, in chiral mode, comes from the magnesium paddles abaft the council wheel. If you accept baby hands, your fingertips will about ability them about the blubbery rim of the council wheel. If you can ability them, you’ll get absolute accouterment that assume as quick as those with a dual-clutch automatic. Try to grab lower accessory back alley acceleration is too high, and a admonishing in the birr says “shift denied.” Forget to about-face up and the chiral will authority as the agent screams at its rev limiter, alike admitting you’ve already anesthetized the appliance peak.

And compared to a dual-clutch auto, you’ll additionally get abundant smoother, less-obtrusive full-automatic operation from the ATS-V’s torque advocate box back you’re on your way to assignment in the morning. Yet the bigger consequence ability be how able-bodied the automated works—as an automatic—at the track. It will apprentice its way about a abode like Ambit of the Americas faster than the all-inclusive majority of bodies will, never abashing with its accessory choices or aboriginal upshifts. With a brace added ratios, the automated will additionally get aloof about any disciplinarian about quicker.

Then there’s the ATS-V’s attrition to anatomy roll, alike in 1 g corners, and its outstanding antithesis for a front-engine “luxury car.” Understeer or oversteer are about abandoned a action of the driver’s technique, or abridgement thereof, rather than the dynamics acquainted into the machine. Testing the ATS-V at COTA for Autoweek, IndyCar disciplinarian Conor Daly summed it up this way:

“The akin of alertness or candor (in the ATS-V) absolutely impresses me. The antithesis allows you to advance corners. For ability and amenities and speed, it array of blew me away. You can move weight about as you wish. It never aloof avalanche off a cliff, alike back the tires are hot and activity away.”

GM’s five-mode Achievement Absorption Management offers added options and ambit than added accepted three-stage adherence systems. Wet and Dry are basically point and shoot, no adapted burke or anchor accentuation necessary. Action 1 provides adapted action for appropriately advancing artery active or clue day beginners. Action 2 reacts faster than acceptable drivers. Race approach turns off adherence ascendancy and delivers the best acceptable drive-wheel slip. Abandoned the Conor Dalys amid us will administer absorption better.

2016 Cadillac ATS-V at the Ambit of the Americas

The ATS-V’s alternative Recaro action seats, with holes for a five-point harness, are amid the best we’ve sampled, abstinent by the antithesis of abutment all-important for track-style active and the affluence of sliding in or out back the doors won’t beat advanced in a bound parking spot. The suede-like microfiber accents on the doors, birr and council caster feel rich, and the carbon-fiber autogenous trim is offered in two patterns. Best of all, you can get the ATS-V after Cadillac’s haptic-touch Cue interface, as continued as you don’t charge on-board nav.

The ATS-V does affluence bigger than an M3/M4. Its berth is richer, and it’s about smoother and quieter than the BMW back it’s apprenticed at a sedate pace—and easier to drive that way. The ride is absolutely close at MRC’s softest, but it’s not harsh. The ATS-V does after some of the M3’s rougher edges.

And that’s a acrid sword, because it isn’t acceleration abandoned that defines a acceptable high-performance car. It’s additionally the affections and audition sensations, and the accomplished band amid affection and crudity. The ATS-V’s ultra-linear ability commitment ability be an issue, but beneath of one than the complete it makes. Its turbocharged V6 does not—cannot—deliver the aforementioned throaty, raw, full-song bend as BMW’s turbocharged beeline six, or abundant beneath the Cadillac CTS-V’s V8.

2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
 Speed Test
Price 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

2016 Cadillac ATS-V on the track

Do I appetite it?

If you do, you won’t go wrong, no amount how you drive your ATS-V. As is so generally the case, it comes bottomward to tastes and predilections. We’re not abiding how abundant the M3’s rawer bend — and blue-and-white cast — ultimately affairs to buyers.

Beyond that, as Cadillac strives to re-invent itself afresh and attempt in rarified amplitude endemic by branch tuners from its European competitors, there’s this: The Cadillac ATS-V may be a bigger clue car than any of them, but there’s no agreement it can affected the Euro-centric predilections of luxury-performance buyers.

The smallest, lightest Cadillac V Series cars to date accomplish a accepted case for best-in-class. Unfortunately, it can be harder to re-engineer a cast than to architect outstanding cars.

ON SALE: Summer 2015

BASE PRICE: $60,465

POWERTRAIN: 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6, RWD, six-speed manual

OUTPUT: 464 hp, 445 lb-ft

CURB WEIGHT: 3,700 lbs

0-60 MPH: 3.9 sec (mfr)

FUEL ECONOMY: 16/24/19 mpg

2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
 Exterior and Interior
Redesign and Review 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
Images 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
 Review and Release date
Concept 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe
 Specs and Review
Pricing 2021 Cadillac Cts V Coupe

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