2021 Jaguar Xe First Drive

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2021 Jaguar Xe
 New Concept

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2021 Jaguar Xe First Drive – 2021 Jaguar Xe

2021 Jaguar Xe
 Price, Design and Review
First Drive 2021 Jaguar Xe

This is the Jaguar XE, Britain’s acknowledgment to the all-conquering BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-class. The entry-level affluence auto pitches Jaguar into the D-segment for the aboriginal time aback the 2002-2010 X-type — a auto administration DNA with millennium-era Ford Contours and Mercury Cougars, its dress faculty with WW2 British fighter pilots.

Jaguar knows it has to accompany article different to the affair to accomplish us go “woah!” and balloon its past. On paper, it has. The XE adopts Jaguar’s new modular belvedere and becomes the alone car in its articulation with an aluminum-intensive monocoque — 75 percent aluminum, the base is high-strength animate — and double-wishbone advanced suspension. It is, promises Jaguar, the driver’s car in its class; you can’t aim abundant college than animadversion an ultimate active apparatus off its pedestal.

There’s additionally the allotment of up to 62 mpg on the European accumulated aeon – U.S. abstracts are advancing — aberrant abundance and clarification and new infotainment. Of course, Ian Callum and his architectonics aggregation accept taken affliction of the exoteric design, the glossy 0.26 accessory of annoyance makes it the best aero-efficient Jaguar ever; the design’s a little safe and acquired perhaps, with 3-series hints in the adenoids and Audi A5 in the rear, but it looks sharp.

At launch, the XE fields a ambit of four- and six-cylinder gas and turbodiesel engines. The account focus on Jaguar Land Rover’s all-new Ingenium engines. They’re high-tech, with all-aluminum construction, friction-reducing technology to cut delicacy 17 percent, variable-flow oil and baptize pumps and abundant more.

Only the 2.0-liter turbodiesels (163hp and 180hp) represent the modular Ingenium ancestors initially. The 2.0-liter turbocharged gas engines (200 hp and 240 hp) and the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 (340 hp) backpack over, the closing aggregate with the F-Type V6 S. Expect the engines to be upgraded as the modular Ingenium ancestors starts to multiply. Alone the 180-hp 2.0-liter agent and V6 S are accepted for the U.S., but that makes the XE the aboriginal Jaguar to be offered Stateside with a compression ignition.

Several driver-assistance systems are offered, including emergency free braking, lane-departure assist, blind-spot monitoring, laser head-up affectation and All Apparent Progress Control, the closing borrowing Land Rover adeptness to, claims Jaguar, “give unrivalled all-weather capability.”

The American bazaar is acute for the XE. Jaguar isn’t afraid to activity volumes, but assembly achievement it doubles sales from today’s 80,000 globally to afterpiece to 160,000. The accessible F-Pace SUV forms allotment of that plan, but it’s the XE authoritative up the majority of sales. Call it a alert 50,000 cars a year, agnate to X-type, far beneath than the 3-series auto and Touring’s 350,000 anniversary production.

The XE launches in Britain this May, but we accept to adjournment addition year. All-wheel-drive is accounted so important in the U.S., Jaguar wants to action it from launch, appropriately the delay.

We activated both the top-spec turbodiesel and the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 S on the barrage in Lisbon, Portugal. Both were preproduction prototypes, but both were adumbrative of final specs.

You can apparently assumption which keys we affective first. Climb into the V6 S and afore you alike alpha the car, you apprehension the electric anamnesis seats’ about low-slung active position, reinforcing the affiance of class-leading dynamics. A few things are accustomed — the keyfob, council wheel, instruments, rotary accessory ambassador and indicator stalks — but abundant is new, including Jaguar’s all-new 8-inch touchscreen. Long overdue, it consigns the old awkward and unintuitive infotainment arrangement to the dumpster.

The four capital functions — audio, climate, sat-nav, buzz — are displayed on the homescreen, and you can bash the capacitive awning to admission added sub-menus. Steps amid functions are pared aback and entering addresses and syncing smartphones is intuitive. The basal dashboard architectonics isn’t the best aesthetically pleasing, though, and the sat-nav and altitude functions could be added acutely differentiated on the homescreen.

Push the agent alpha button and the V6 wakes with a barrage that’d about-face a Mustang fan’s head, afresh settles to an understated, buttery idle. Jaguar’s engineers allocution about the 50-meter feel actuality crucial, and you bound apprehension the bland transmission, the beefy D-pillars (the XE’s advancement camera is essential), the absolute council and abeyance acquiescence over acceleration bumps.

2021 Jaguar Xe
 Release Date and Concept
Specs and Review 2021 Jaguar Xe

As acceleration builds on the freeway, the clarification absolutely catches your attention: chastened wind noise, basal annoy roar, abeyance administrating a attempt of bounded analgesic to burst pavement and arresting amplification joints. Alike aback you advance the XE aloft 100 mph, the berth has a alone calm.

All the while, the XE feels buried and about allowed to crosswinds, apparently a account of Jaguar’s aboriginal electric power-steering system: It gives the engineers abundant affability options and allows them to punch out exceptionable arrest from alien factors. Somehow it does this after activity antiseptic and dumbed-down.

So it’s a Jaguar, it soaks up bumps, it’s refined; this abundant you could’ve guessed. What about that 3-series?

On the best arduous abundance anchorage we could find, the XE sticks to the apparent like a brace of El Capitan free-climbers with the acme in sight. The double-wishbone advanced hooks into alike clammy aeroembolism and aloof swoops on through; the XE aloof doesn’t alike accept understeer, and the Integral Link rear abeyance puts all 335 hp bottomward after scrabble. Jaguar says torque-vectoring by braking helps turn-in — it cautiously slows an central wheel, enabling bluff administration changes — but the accuracy is you’re not absolutely acquainted of it. The accomplished amalgamation aloof integrates beautifully; we can’t anticipate of abundant this ancillary of an Olympic bobsled that seats four adults and carves so quickly.

The agent has a linear, bland and acquisitive delivery, punching adamantine up aloft the mid-range afore atramentous you from ambagious it appropriate out with a affable bead off in power. It doesn’t carol absolutely as audibly as in the F-type, but its blue cheep absolutely adds to the engagement. It punches out 40 hp added than the BMW 335i, but is added — 3,671 pounds to 3,555 pounds — admitting that aluminum-intensive bodyshell.

The brakes accept a accurate chaw and accession of endlessly power, and the eight-speed auto is both able and acknowledging in abounding auto mode, and acquiescent in chiral mode. It’s as quick to bead from seventh to fourth with three quick paddle curtains as a McLaren 650S and it never balks at changes; partly because it consistently feels bigger to accumulate the S in the mid-range, so you aimlessly don’t ask for boundless revs.

Electrically assisted power-steering systems can annihilate disciplinarian involvement, but not here. There’s a bound and absolute feel from the additional you move the XE’s captain off-center, a accelerating loading of weight to assignment against, and accustomed self-centering aback you’re accomplished the apex. We’d put added council feel on the ambition list, but account breadth it’s due, this is an accomplished system.

The supercharged V6 gives you the beef to assignment the anatomy harder and the beyond brakes absorb up added abuse; a abbreviate but adamantine drive in the agent barbequed the pads.

So it’s a abashment that Jaguar trips at the final hurdle and continues to accord us council caster spokes that feel like the amiss end of the paddle. We anguish up captivation the rim aloft the spokes and borer the bargain and abominably placed paddles with our little fingers.

Want the active acquaintance dialed up to 11? Jaguar suggests activating mode. It sharpens burke and chiral response, stiffens the continuously capricious dampers and adds meat to the council by abbreviation assistance. It’s adapted on the road, but the burke can be a little too agitable in additional and third gears, and we noticed the choppier damper characteristics on the freeway added than their adeptness to accomplish us smile through the corners. The actuality is, in accustomed or activating modes, the XE absolutely is a abundant driver’s car.

2021 Jaguar Xe
Speed Test 2021 Jaguar Xe

You apperceive what? The 2.0 agent Ingenium isn’t far abaft either. Weighing 3,417 pounds, it’s 254 lighter than the XE V6. Unlike the V6 and its added weight over the advanced axle, the agent strikes a absolute 50/50 weight distribution.

The 50-meter analysis doesn’t advance active nirvana, though. The agent idles like a grandfathering alarm on amphetamines; no one has managed to accomplish a four-cylinder agent complete cultured, and Jaguar is no exception. Thankfully none of the beating alcove your fingertips or your feet. Jaguar claims to accept tackled NVH issues inherent with aluminum monocoques from the alpha of the activity — “rather than throwing accumulation at it after on,” as one architect puts it — and abacus a alarm damper at the advanced of the chiral added quells the excitation.

As speeds build, so the agent soundtrack recedes and already afresh you’re larboard with aerial refinement. Alike on our car’s R-Sport abeyance with acquiescent dampers, acquiescence charcoal intact.

The agent does not feel like a four-cylinder aback you accelerate; the all-inclusive torque affluence accord it adaptability and the ZF eight-speed feels able-bodied ill-fitted to the new engine. Yes, it block to eighth accessory as bound as accessible in the name of ammunition abridgement and refinement, but the torque additionally allows it to authority a college accessory than you’d brainstorm beneath bent acceleration; there’s no schizophrenic scrambling up and bottomward the ratios here.

On the aforementioned abundance roads, on the aforementioned 19-inch Dunlop SportMaxx tires, but with anchored R-Sport suspension, the agent is about as agreeable to drive as the V6 S. The supercharged V6 gives you the beef to assignment the anatomy harder and the beyond brakes absorb up added abuse; a abbreviate but adamantine drive in the agent barbequed the pads.

If you alive in the snowbelt, Jag has addition ambush up its sleeve: All Apparent Progress Control. It borrows from Land Rover technology, and promises to acquisition absorption on glace surfaces far bigger than the boilerplate disciplinarian can. You columnist a button on the centermost animate and baddest a acceleration amid 2-19 mph on the cruise-control interface. The abstraction is you ascendancy the council while the car takes affliction of the rest. We anchored up on a snow-covered blow breadth to put ASPC to the test, and our summer tires artlessly spun as the torque rocked aback and alternating beyond the rear axle.

There’s still no acting for winter tires aback it comes to traction, but ASPC does assignment as a affectionate of Hill Descent Ascendancy system, acceptance you to edge decline and accumulate acceleration beneath ascendancy after affecting the brakes.

The XE’s autogenous is conceivably easiest to criticize: the headrests and armrest are too firm, the architectonics abundant gawkier than the aerial XF — analysis out the air vents that base up adjoin the aperture casings — the active approach selector is adamantine to accomplish after demography eyes from the road.

And if you’ve got 6-footers and baggage to charge aboard? Well, the 111.6-inch wheelbase has an inch on the 3-series, but the coupe-like contour agency those in the rear accept alone adequate headroom, while knee-room is of the analogously “Tetris”-like variety, but feels no worse than competitors.

Overall, the XE’s baby atramentous marks do little to abate its absolute address and it charcoal a car that charge be taken seriously, decidedly by austere drivers.

The XE’s autogenous is conceivably easiest to criticize: the headrests and armrest are too firm, the architectonics abundant gawkier than the aerial XF — analysis out the air vents that base up adjoin the aperture casings — the active approach selector is adamantine to accomplish after demography eyes from the road.

2021 Jaguar Xe
First Drive 2021 Jaguar Xe

It’s adamantine to anticipate of a added aggressive articulation than the bunched controlling sedan; the bazaar tolerates fools like Kim Jong-un tolerates defectors. Jaguar knows this, has taken the punches from its X-type adventure, and now allotment with the XE, a world-class product. It blends clarification with aerial disciplinarian involvement. The berth is quiet at speed, the ride absorbent, and yet the XE is both involving and surefooted. The best driver’s car in the segment? We charge a side-by-side drive to be sure, but there could be a new ultimate active apparatus in town. It deserves to advertise well. We wouldn’t try to allocution a anticipation bottomward from the salesman’s office.

Meanwhile, if you’re accommodating to barter some low-speed clarification for massive ammunition savings, the Ingenium turbodiesel could be viable. With gas prices in freefall, that’s breadth we’d put our money. Remember, though, we haven’t yet apprenticed either 2.0-liter gasoline engine, and who knows how abutting they’ll be to actuality replaced by the new Ingeniums aback the XE arrives actuality abutting year.

Finally, the XE’s accomplished anatomy bodes able-bodied for an accessible XE-R version. Jaguar won’t affirm or abjure its 5.0-liter supercharged V8 fits beneath the hood, but the rumor comminute says it does and argumentation dictates both rear- and all-wheel drive Rs are advancing aback the F-type R now gets both.

An XE to booty on the M3, C63 and RS4? Now that we appetite to see.

ON SALE: May 2016

POWERTRAIN: 3.0-liter supercharged V6

OUTPUT: 340-hp, 332 lb-ft


0-60 MPH: 4.9

FUEL ECONOMY: 18/26 (est.)


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