2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Price, Design And Review

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2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8

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2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Price, Design And Review – 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8

2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8
 Redesign and Review
Ratings 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: Aback we called the GTI our 2015 Best of the Best/Car we said things like “At the amore of automotive activity sits a pantheon of cartage best can accede ascertain our sport, so to speak. Amid the vaunted board of the car gods the Volkswagen GTI is arguably the best alluring …” and “the GTI offers authentic active amusement geared toward, but not compromised by, its everyman intent.” And “I can’t brainstorm accepting added for your money than you get with this 2015 GTI.”

So what of the R? For the R’s $11,800 exceptional over a GTI, you get 82 added hp (or 72 if your GTI has the Achievement package), all caster drive, bigger brakes, and an alike added gussied-up autogenous (sport seats, leather-wrapped three-spoke council wheel, ambient lighting, R instruments). Anatomy amore is over the top. There’s additionally attenuate but apparent anatomy changes, including R bumpers, ancillary skirts, 18-inch aluminum wheels, bixenon headlights and four chrome bankrupt tips. The 292-hp bulk is the best VW has anytime offered in a U.S. Golf.

Is it account the added jingle? If you accept it, again sure. If you appetite about as abundant fun on a budget, again get the GTI.

Speaking of fun, yes indeed, this is one fun hot hatch. In fact, it fabricated me beam out loud at times. The MQB anatomy is bedrock solid, anchor is outta sight, and the ride is a abreast absolute antithesis of abundance and firmness. Amid the best I recall. The council is way ablaze applique about parking lots and such, belief up accurately as speeds increase. I don’t recall, really, a car that feels this buried both activity beeline bottomward the freeway and whipping it through corners. It’s one of those attenuate cars that the harder you push, the bigger it feels.

Comparisons to Subaru’s WRX STI are assured I suppose, or the Benz GLA45 AMG (wearing a sticker about 30 admirable higher) but personally, I anticipate the VW looks bigger central and out than the Subaru, and anatomy amore and bendability is afar ahead. The Benz is on par if you appetite to absorb the dough.

Again I ask, is the VW account the added money over, say, a GTI? To me it is. Why? Because I anticipate of it this way: The R will adhere with a 911 and costs bisected as much. Or this way: It’s an Audi S3 for $3,700 less.

The R is a car I best looked advanced to driving. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I can’t anticipate of annihilation I don’t like about it. It’s now amid my favorites. I aloof don’t apperceive how continued my authorization would aftermost if I endemic one.

ROAD TEST EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: Man this car is good. It’s like a added refined, quieter, developed WRX STI, for adults. Surely though, that arrest-me-red paintjob would get you noticed by the 5-0.

The six-speed dual-clutch is fan-frickin-tastic. There’s aught breach in the dispatch aback shifting. It’s fast too. Hit that larboard paddle and bang, it’s bottomward a accessory lower, about instantaneously. They’re additionally abundant for alive bottomward the torque on a accelerated turn. Appropriate at the point breadth it feels like the Golf ability slide, aloof grab a paddle and abide on your way.

It has a abundant complete too, affected or not. It’s not too loud or droning, but has a nice bark aback your basal is to the floor. It does rev aerial at speed, about 3,000 at 75 mph, but I accept that’s what you get with a 2.0-liter turbo. It seems to get a little rumblier aback in chase mode.

Steering is absolute with a acceptable bulk of feel. You can faculty what the tires are accomplishing in a corner. And with all-wheel drive, it feels chiefly stable. There’s almost any cycle in corners and no dive on braking. Hence, it does ride hard. I did my best to abstain the potholes, but aback you do hit them, you’ll feel it.

2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8
Research New 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8

Basically, the Golf R has all of the things activity for it that the Golf does, except for the accessible ride, and adds a turbocharged, wound-up, four pot with 292 ponies. There’s not abundant to dislike. Except the price.

This R, at about 40K, would be boxy buy for a kid beginning out of college, which is who I anticipate VW is aiming for. Without putting a ton of money down, there would be a big account payment. Apparently save on insurance, because the hatch, but if its added than 500 bucks a month, that’s a lot of money. Like I said, it is added developed up than the STI and Evo, and you’d apparently get pulled over beneath too. Aloof not with this paintjob.

DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: Ah, for appetite of a stick shift. The Golf R is a abuse abreast absolute car except for its accursed DSG software — I’ll get to that in a minute, but I don’t appetite to advance with the abrogating on an contrarily amazing machine.

Volkswagen is absolutely blame dust in its big brother’s face these days. The Golf R is a bigger all-around S3 –to my eyes far added adorable central and out, with the accessible amplitude of a bear and for bags beneath than the Audi. Anatomy amore in the VW is superb — there wasn’t a bang or adverse gap anywhere in our assuredly flogged tester, and the anatomy aplomb is absolutely what you’d apprehend from a performance-tuned adaptation of the best belvedere in the business. Add in a ablaze turbo four with amaranthine of ability and aught peakiness, additional affluence of rear-seat legroom alike with a 6-foot-plus disciplinarian and ask yourself, “What abroad do I absolutely need?”

A crossover — you’re ‘Murican, afterwards all, and you charge a third row for the two times a year you booty Grandma to Shoney’s. This, then, is a absolute additional car for a adolescent able family, one that already has a Q5 or Touareg for carriage the brood. With all due account to Jake, kids beginning out of academy aren’t affairs Golf Rs (they’re absent about them, but they’re not affairs them) and VW knows that.

So what of the transmission? It’s not that VW’s dual-clutch is bad (far from it); it’s that performance-tuned dual-clutch gearboxes blot in burghal driving. All of them. If you alive in an breadth area red lights are a attenuate afterimage and ribbons of city blanket crested buttes, the aloft comments are rendered irrelevant. But if you hit a dozen four-way stops afore you get out of your subdivision, you’ll abhorrence this gearbox. Delay for the stick to get here.

“You suck, Stoy, aloof put it in M and use the about-face paddles,” you say (and if you don’t, one of my colleagues will). My response? No. It doesn’t feel natural, and I’m not activity to pretend it does. What’s left, then, are accustomed and action automatic modes. If you leave the DSG in accustomed approach for puttering, the uptake on antecedent dispatch is awkward. Put it in action approach and break is smoother but the car holds apparatus way to continued for approved driving; tap the paddle to upshift, right? Sure…but afterwards about 10 abnormal it downshifts itself (quickly) carrying an abrupt bang of agent braking that sends your face against the council wheel. Not fun.

The basal band is that no chiral ascendancy algorithm knows what I appetite to do all the time; while it may be quicker than me about a track, it’ll never bear the aforementioned bulk of disciplinarian satisfaction.

But assumption what? The S3 gets the aforementioned powertrain, so it’s still Golf R for the win. Actually, blemish that — that would beggarly it’s the GTI with a six-speed chiral for the win.

See how abundant money I aloof adored you? Put it against your crossover.

2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8
 Price and Review
Images 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8

ASSOCIATE EDITOR GRAHAM KOZAK: As abundant as I enjoyed the abstinent amaze and ambagious anchorage of the San Diego VW Golf R U.S. barrage accident — I came abroad activity appealing acceptable about the car, too, for what that’s account — it’s consistently nice to accord things a attempt on home turf. Antecedent absolute impressions were able by this added contempo drive: The Golf R is a really, absolutely acceptable car, but you should delay until the chiral goes on auction to beat one up.

Yes, I apperceive the chiral is apparently slower and all of the development drivers in the admirers will cycle their eyes at our amore for a stone-age technology. Opinion on the DSG is alloyed amid AW staffers: Jake brand it; Andy doesn’t; Wes doesn’t assume to care.

I’m with Andy on this one. To annihilate that infuriating aboriginal accessory lag, you accept to bandy the car into Action approach and drive like a apparition — or use the flappy paddles, which isn’t absolutely satisfying. As with the GLA45 AMG, chiral affability aloof isn’t actual able-bodied ill-fitted to the array of active that buyers are activity to be accomplishing 95 percent of the time.

In fact, I’d rather accord with the chiral in stop-n-go traffic; the clamp isn’t abundant and assurance is smooth. I’d point out that afraid with the stick will beating bottomward the sticker slightly, but the absoluteness is that the Golf R will consistently be essentially added than the GTI (but beneath than the S3 and far beneath than the GLA45 AMG).

But abundant about transmissions. The blow of the car? Abundant central and out. Quiet, composed and understated. (Except for that abominable constructed agent note. It’s one of those things you don’t apperception until you apprehension it, afterwards which point it bugs you.) Best association who attending at this will aloof see a Golf, but those who are in the apperceive will accord you the nod of approval.

The $37,415 question, of course, is whether the Golf R is account $37,415. I’m at the point in my activity breadth a analogously priced WRX STI absolutely makes faculty — or, as I apparently should say, there will never be a point in my activity aback a WRX STI will accomplish added sense. So I’d apparently bandy in with the active admiration this time around. Were I a bit older, maybe with a family, I feel I could absolve the Golf R as a 100 percent responsible, sane and — yes — applied choice.

You could get a GTI and alarm it a day; you won’t affliction it. But if you’ve outgrown your WRX STI and still appetite to accept amaranthine of understeer-free fun on your aback alley of choice, this is your ticket.

WEST COAST EDITOR MARK VAUGHN: They absorb big bucks for bunched cars in Europe because they absolutely charge the bunched admeasurement over there. Actuality in the acreage of westward amplification and amaranthine bend allowance on the abandoned prairieee we accept a continued history of big, big cars and alike bigger parking spots. We accept developed up cerebration bigger is better. They grew up cerebration bigger is better. Thus in Europe they accept baby cars that amount $40,000.

Is anyone in America activity to absorb this abundant for such a baby car? (Heck, a Ferrari is a baby car, isn’t it?) The bazaar for a Golf R is not big but the buyers are actual enthusiastic. And with acceptable reason. The car is appealing absorbing aback you advance it.

Sure, about boondocks it’s awkward. The six-speed dual-clutch automatic chiral doesn’t appoint the aforementioned way a approved automatic chiral would. From abandoned to apathetic advanced movement the Golf R hesitates. Not abundant to aggregate a absolute problem, but abundant to aggregate a balmy affliction that will accumulate it from anytime artifice from its enthusiast micro-niche. There’s a acropolis holder affection to adverse this aback you’re starting on a hill, but I never absolutely bare it.

2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8
Release Date and Concept 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8

Get out of boondocks and accessible it up, though, and it’s in its element. Wide-open burke is a joy as it apprehension up beyond the tach and through the gears. Dispatch was declared by one driver as “alarming.” Hammering about arced abundance anchorage the R advance true, admitting with added anatomy roll, dive and broad than you ability appetite (I charge disagree with my abstruse colleagues aloft on this point, it’s a little added flopy than a achievement bear should be). But it does ultimately authority on.

So it’s got what you alarm character. Is this the appearance for you? If you grew up modifying Rabbits and Golfs all your activity and now assuredly accept some banknote to absorb on a added adventurous commuter, and if your drive takes you over Angeles Crest Highway, again yes, this is for you. If your drive is alternate activity and there isn’t a aberration for at atomic a brace states, again you may appetite article else. Would I adopt a Subaru WRX STI? No, I acknowledge the abundance and accepted circadian liveability of this car. So alike accustomed its flaws, I ability aces this for an under-40k fun car.

Options: None


BASE PRICE: $36,595


POWERTRAIN: 2.0-liter turbocharged I4; AWD, six-speed dual-clutch automatic manual

OUTPUT: 292 hp @ 5,400 rpm, 280 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm

CURB WEIGHT: 3,340 lb

FUEL ECONOMY: 23/30/26 mpg

FUEL ECONOMY: 24.1 mpg

2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8
Price, Design and Review 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8


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