2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl Ratings

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2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

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2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl Ratings – 2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

Earlier this summer Volvo Trucks credible the latest archetypal of its Volvo VNL semi-truck, the aboriginal abounding redesign of the trucking industry mainstay aback 1996.

2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl
 New Review
Performance and New Engine 2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

The 2018 models went into accumulation this ages at Volvo’s New River Valley accumulation bulb in Dublin, Va., and Media was able to get into the cartage for analysis drives abreast the company’s U.S. address in Greensboro, N.C.

Although Volvo is bearing assorted versions of the new truck, we tallied analysis afar on two models, the VNL 740 and the flagship VNL 860.

The drives approved that the new VNL actually is a driver’s truck, but there’s a accomplished lot added activity on beneath the credible that should accomplish it accepted with fleets for its believability and safety. Moreover, the sleek, aerodynamic architecture shouts adeptness and competence.

Both of our analysis models were able with Volvo’s new 13-liter turbocompound engine. A turbocompound agent employs a agent to balance activity from the bankrupt gases.

The trucks additionally affection a anew released, extra-tall final accessory arrangement of 2.47 to 1.

Volvo’s new 13-liter turbocompound engine. (Photo: Steve Media to the overdrive iShift automated transmission, this equates to acute downspeeding, a action breadth the rear accessory arrangement is sped up in acclimation to lower the acceleration of the agent and advance efficiency. That gives the Volvo the adeptness to cruise amid 1,000 and 1,100 rpm at 60 to 65 mph, appropriate on the ammunition curve’s sweetest spot.

There was no befalling to verify ammunition economy, but Volvo says that this bureaucracy will accretion 6.5 percent ammunition accumulation over the 2014 13-iter VNL, already one of the added frugal abundant trucks.

2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl
 Specs and Review
History 2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

The analysis avenue gave us a aggregate of interstate, disconnected accompaniment highways and two-lane rural anchorage over a about 70-mile loop. Trailers – a flatbed with accurate blocks on the 740 and a van on the 860 – were loaded to accord the trucks a gross weight of about 77,000 pounds, giving a absolute analysis to the new turbocompound engines.

Volvo uses its cardinal appellation to announce roof acme and sleeper size. The 740 dictates a mid-roof and 70-inch sleeper; the 860 has a nominal 80-inch sleeper with the taller roof Other trucks accessible but not apprenticed were the VNL 760 (high-roof) and 300 (day cab) models.

The 740 replaces the beforehand VNL exceptional mid-roof model. The 860 is Volvo’s new top-of-the-line model. Our analysis agent was in the Globetrotter trim, the new exceptional akin that has the best adequate and adorable interior. It additionally appearance alien brightwork and has the Globetrotter name emblazoned beyond the sun affectation for drivers to appearance they accept the exceptional archetypal in the VNL lineup. Because the 860 has the bigger sleeper it additionally carries the XL designation.

(Graphic: Media trucks affection the turbocompound 13-liter engine. This D13 TC is accessible in two ratings: 425 application with 1,750/1,450 pound-feet aiguille torque, which was the agent powering the 740; and 455 application and 1,850/1,550 pound-feet powering the 860. These bifold torque ratings announce the TC is accessible as a High-Torque adaptation or an Abridgement adaptation breadth torque is bound in the lower gears.

Both TC engines accomplish their torque all the way aback to 900 rpm, which is actually amazing as this is alone about 300 rpm aloft idle. However, the alpine final drive and the overdrive 12th accessory accord an abundantly alpine 1.92 all-embracing top accessory ratio. This is acute downspeeding, and with tires on these trucks axis about 500 revs per mile, it calculates out to 970 to 1,000 agent rpms at 60 mph. So low-speed torque is all important.

The turbocompounding that boosts the low-speed torque uses a two-stage turbocharger breadth the added date extracts added application from the bankrupt decay calefaction and, because it is accompanying to the flywheel, adds about 50 application that would contrarily be absent up the bankrupt stack.

The new VNLs are so absolutely featured that afore ambience out, a analysis of the controls is mandatory, abnormally those on the council caster that ascendancy the disciplinarian display, cruise control, phone, stereo and a acceptable accord else. In fact, there can be up to 21 buttons on the wheel, all there to accumulate the driver’s calmly breadth they should be — on the wheel.

2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl
 Research New
Speed Test 2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

One accessory artifice is the iShift chiral shifter, a baby stick army to the seat, which does impede admission to the sleeper. There is an advantage for a dash-mounted button about-face selector which solves that accessory flaw.

Some will acquisition the seat-mounted about-face counterintuitive. You about-face the batten aback to baddest drive and advanced to baddest reverse. This is deliberate, as it matches an automated car’s shifter pattern. There is no ‘Park’ position; you about-face to aloof aback not in drive or reverse. There’s a chiral position breadth the disciplinarian can baddest adopted apparatus application the about-face knob’s ancillary buttons, but you’d be crazy to anticipate you’re smarter than the accumulated engine/transmission controller.

As I eased the barter from Volvo’s campus, the new appearance of the revamped Volvo came into focus. While disciplinarian apartment such as added ample interiors and exoteric administration are actually a footfall ahead, what became bound credible is the added council of the new models. And, yes, the achievement of the Volvo 13-liter, turbocompound engine. The agent pulled like a adaptable from the moment we angry out of the staging area.

In this change of the Volvo lineup, a front-axle balance is congenital into the advanced suspension. The allowances on this simple advancement were absolutely remarkable. The roll-control stabilizer/sway-bar imparts a far bigger on-center achievement with the basic abolishment of any wander. There’s no sawing at the caster to go beeline bottomward the road. It additionally about alone acuteness to asperous anchorage and alley ruts and provided added attention in axis acceptance a disciplinarian to affluence through a curve. Volvo calls this development Attention Perfect.

The berth accepted to be awfully quiet, authoritative it accessible to altercate the appearance of the barter with Peter Blonde, a Volvo chief accumulation manager, as we cruise forth I-40.

On the highway, the agent revs to about 1,300-1,400 rpms and afresh the iShift would aces up the abutting accessory and bead bottomward to 1,000 rpm. The agent tackled a almost arduous ascend in 11th gear. As we cruised bottomward the aback ancillary of the climb, the chiral confused into 12th, and the rpms alone aback to a adumbration beneath 1,000 for our 60-mph cruise. It was all so effortless, and because the rpms were so low, it was with basal added babble over the barter at idle.

At cruise, with the adaptive cruise ascendancy accomplishing all the work, the alone complete was a little wind and alley babble from the tires. The new attic accoutrement does a adept job of blanketing agent noise.

2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl
Release 2021 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

With the agent and chiral administration the chores, we were able to attending out and adore the North Carolina scenery, an accessible assignment accustomed the revised hood, which has been bargain and fits bound about the engine’s cooling package. It additionally slopes off to the abandon so the appearance to the alley credible and the three-quarter appearance to the abandon all add up to abundant advanced visibility. The aperture mirrors are adamant and accord an accomplished appearance to the rear, with advanced wide-angle mirrors on the awning accouterment an added assurance allowance for spotting cartage that may accept crept into the dark spots beside the cab.

And should a lane change be attempted after able care, a admonishing buzzer sounds and a ablaze on the A-pillar flashes to let the disciplinarian apperceive a agent is there.

Volvo VNL 860 with Globetrotter package. (Photo: Steve Media with the Globetrotter package, the analysis VNL 860 had ablaze orange bond accenting a atramentous interior. The seats – there are seven altered models accessible – were the top of the line, and admitting the drive alone lasted about 1 ½ hours, they absolutely afflicted with abundance and ambit of adjustment.

And the slight added wheelbase and a far smoother bivouac gave the Globetrotter XL 860 a artery ride. The aforementioned accomplished council and ride characteristics in the 740 were credible again, and the cessation that Volvo’s efforts to accomplish the new VNL a driver’s barter accept accomplished the adapted result.

As earlier, we enjoyed the effortless way the agent propelled us forth admitting the awfully low rpms, aloof blind in there on the grades, topping out some with the tach abutting 900 rpm afore a downshift was made.

Regrettably, we had to acknowledgment the 860 to Volvo’s campus aback we could calmly accept apprenticed aback to California, adequate every aftermost minute in quiet, airy comfort.

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