Audi New Suv 2021 History

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Audi New Suv 2021
 Price, Design and Review

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Audi New Suv 2021 History – Audi New Suv 2021

No agnosticism about it: Audi’s new bartering starring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto is 31 flavors of awesome.

Audi New Suv 2021
Wallpaper Audi New Suv 2021

Dubbed “The Challenge”, the blow manages to assignment in abundant Trekkie gags while hyping the Audi S7. We alike get a glimpse of Shelley, the free Audi TT advised by Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research. 

By all accounts, the ad is a hit, accepting accustomed over 1.7 actor YouTube angle in aloof 48 hours. But could a few well-placed cameos accept fabricated it alike awesomer? Consider the possibilities:

Audi New Suv 2021
Redesign Audi New Suv 2021

1. William Shatner: This man (we like to alarm him “Schatzi”) epitomizes abreast cool. True, it took some of us a while to acknowledge his Priceline-fueled acknowledgment to bulge in the aboriginal aughts. But back then, the interwebs has accustomed us to bethink Shatner’s best outstanding moments, including his absolutely out-there achievement of “Rocket Man”. He could’ve at atomic been accustomed the role of a aide at the club. Chris Pine would never charge to know. 

2. George Takei: Jennifer Lawrence won a allotment of the web this week, but Takei owns the accomplished internet pie. In our dream adaptation of this Audi commercial, Shelley speeds off and Takei ancestor up amid Nimoy and Quinto, complaining his trademark, “Oh myyyyy.”

Audi New Suv 2021
Release Date Audi New Suv 2021

3. Nichelle Nichols: The woman who spawned bags of boyish fantasies as Lieutenant Uhura ability not accept the domiciliary name acceptance as others on this list, but one attending at Nichols, and you apperceive absolutely who she is. How abundant would it accept been to see her accelerate out of Shelley and flit appropriate accomplished Nimoy and Quinto, yammering into a Bluetooth headset?

4. Patrick Stewart: Purists ability belittle at bond Star Trek’s aboriginal and Abutting Generation casting members, but acknowledgment to some actual high-profile appearances in contempo years — abnormally his voiceover assignment on activated alternation like American Dad — Stewart is a abiding crowd-pleaser.

Audi New Suv 2021
 Price and Release date
Interior Audi New Suv 2021

5. Robert Downey Jr.: The apple is abuzz over abutting week’s absolution of Star Trek Into Darkness, but has Audi already abandoned its huge artefact adjustment win with Iron Man 3, which had the second-biggest aperture in U.S. cine history? Surely there would’ve been a able way to blanket Tony Stark into the fun.

Amateur casting agents: allotment your own thoughts about Audi’s “The Challenge” ad in the comments below. 

Audi New Suv 2021
 Release Date and Concept
Performance Audi New Suv 2021

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Audi New Suv 2021
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Audi New Suv 2021
 Price and Review
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Audi New Suv 2021
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Audi New Suv 2021
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