Cadillac Ct9 2021 Spy Shoot

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Cadillac Ct9 2021
 Price, Design and Review

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Cadillac Ct9 2021 Spy Shoot – Cadillac Ct9 2021

If you’re annihilation like us, your aboriginal thoughts as you clicked this adventure were, “Return of the Cimarron.” Thankfully, General Motors has appear a actual continued way aback those canicule of belvedere sharing. The J-body Cavalier was a not a competent car. The D2XX based 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is, as we’ve appear to acquisition out.

Cadillac Ct9 2021
Price and Release date Cadillac Ct9 2021

The blueprint is old, but the car will be new. According to AutoGuide, Cadillac is reportedly alive on a Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3 battling based on the D2XX platform, which currently underpins the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze. There are a few aloft talking credibility here.

With this account from AG, it’s acceptable that the oft-rumored sub-Cadillac ATS is dead, a abrupt abandonment from Cadillac’s comments at the 2016 North American International Auto Show. Cast leaders have stated its sedans are “known for actuality rear-wheel drive” aback speaking of a abate auto than the ATS, suggesting the BMW 2-Series will acceptable abide abandoned in the segment. Likely, sales numbers played a role here.

The address indicates that Cadillac will instead advance the D2XX platform, based on a affairs cipher that identifies it as such. AutoGuide continues to accompaniment that the small Cadillac sedan/hatch is accounted to access with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a 2.0-liter turbo-four for alike added exceptional flavors.

Lastly, AutoGuide’s sources affirmation that GM could accomplish a $6,000 to $9,000 exceptional on the models sold. That’s a fair number, abnormally because the profits on baby cars are minuscule, and await on abundant deals of volume. Aggregate is currently actionable and yet to be confirmed, alike if commodity that’s actuality pondered.

— Sean Szymkowski

Former staff.

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D2XX is a AWD platform, doesn’t it accomplish it a RWD as well?


D2XX does not abutment rear-wheel drive, alone front- and all-wheel drive applications for bunched vehicles. Alpha is the abutting affair to a small, rear-wheel drive platform.



I anticipation the ATS served these needs but I assumption Cadillac thinks addition added affordable affluence car is needed. No acknowledge you, I’m not advantageous a exceptional for a agnate car I can get cheaper beneath addition brand.

Yes/no — would adulation to buy a Cruze with a 2.0 turbo too but it appears that Cadillac agent offerings will be addition akin of adverse — over and aloft affluence features.

I achievement that they booty it to addition akin and do a wagon/sportback archetypal to capitalize on the crossover/SUV administration of the market.

Ridiculous! Accomplish a absolute Cadillac again. With able business a rwd V8 anatomy on anatomy Caddy could booty off again. I like actuality able to calmly fix commodity aback it break and with fwd, its a absolute mess. My aftermost caddy 2012 DTS was a abhorrent car. Agent was bland and able until about 60k aback leaks and oil afire started afresh appropriate at 108k blew the rear arch gasket.

Oh no..please let this be a aloof rumor mongering.
Making the sub-ATS archetypal FWD based will attenuate what Cadillac has been aggravating to do to body a acceptability of authoritative top of the band achievement affluence sedans.
It will be Cadillac Cimmaron all over again.

Exactly what I was thinking. It undermines aggregate they accept been saying. Aftermost commodity I apprehend about commodity beneath the ATS, Cadillac said it would be RWD.

I don’t anticipate it will be anywhere abreast the adversity the Cimarron was. I beggarly that car was arcane a Cavalier with a altered barbecue and covering interior. Alike a being that was not a car industry authority could see that. But what I would anguish added about is how Cadillac will get the top of the calendar abounding out. Johann has said in the accomplished that Cadillac needs to get the flagships and the top of the calendar alien first, afresh assignment there way bottomward to the lower end models. I admiration how all of that fits now.

Cadillac has a lot of holes to ample in it’s calendar but the basal end is added important than the top appropriate now. The advance areas are bunched /subcompact crossovers and sub-ATS sized sedans.
Large affluence sedans and crossovers are not growing in aggregate appropriate now.

I accede that ample affluence sedans don’t absolutely fly off the banker lots, but they were never meant to. The six amount cartage from MB, BMW, AUDI, and LEXUS,as able-bodied as JAGUAR accept a added primary role. They body the affection of the cast and what the cast is able of. They accord the E Class client a agent to aspire to. They are the “flagships” of the brand. None of the brands apprehend them to advertise in almanac numbers because they are not produced in almanac numbers.

If you are activity out to absorb $50,000-$70,000 on a new car, would you accept a Cadillac, or a MB, BMW, Audi, or Lexus……why?

Brand Angel is everything. It creates cast snobbery. Currently, Cadillac’s angel is blah because of the clutter they produced from the 90’s, the Cimarron, and added cartage that were not aces of the Cadillac name. The alone thing, abreast from architectonics quality, reliable, vehicles, and continuing abaft them. to restore this image, this pride in ownership, if you will, to accomplish a Cadillac as adorable to own as a MB, or one of the others, is to appearance what you are able of building, with no shortcuts, or bargain materials. Cadillac MUST body those “flagships” for that reason.

As continued as gas charcoal cheap, and, by the way, accept you noticed gas prices lately, I saw exceptional bygone up to $3.25/gallon, and climbing. Anyway, CUV/SUV’s will advertise able-bodied as continued as gas is cheap, abnormally thwe AWD models. Bodies will pay $50,000-$90,000 for an SUV, that they wouldn’t pay for an automobile. Aback gas eventually rises to $5 a gallon, and it will, it’s alone a amount of time, and disaster, like a refinery fire, afresh SUV sales will bead like a rock.

High end SUV’s advertise bigger than anything. The actuality that the Cadillac Escalade sells bigger than annihilation abroad from Cadillac makes the point.

Cadillac Ct9 2021
 Price and Review
Pricing Cadillac Ct9 2021

This car is currently available, it’s alleged the Buick Verano. The accepted ATS is a absolute footfall up from the Verano and in absoluteness the aftermost affair Cadillac needs is……..more sedans!

I ambition I could accord added than one thumbs up!! Appropriate on!!

So actual true! The ATS should abide the alone entry-level Cadillac in the lineup. Leave the exceptional Chevrolet-based cartage to Buick! Cadillac should advance their access appear capitalizing on performance! If commodity is acceptable abundant to be a Chevy, shouldn’t beggarly it’s acceptable abundant to be a Cadillac!

Agree that there is a charge for crossovers/SUVs in a big way but there is advance abeyant beneath ATS as the 1 Series , 2 Series, CLA, A3 and ILX are showing.

I came beyond this commodity from GM Inside Media suggests that although Cadillac is abstinent application the Cruze for a approaching auto they are not abstinent application the C2XX belvedere for a approaching model.

Wasn’t the aboriginal plan to advance a new belvedere for the Cadillac auto that was rear caster drive ?

True, except the Verano is soo arid looking, has appealing dull handling, no awd and the autogenous is appealing account attractive with gross trim and angrily bolstered seats.

Very true.

Want a FWD affluence car? No problem, get a Buick. All sizes are covered.

What’d be the point of a FWD caddy? They approved that with BLS.

“What’d be the point of a FWD caddy? They approved that with BLS.”

And the DTS, XTS, SRX, XT5, ELR.

The point is that they are all Cadillacs.

I meant commuter cars, not crossovers, etc.

DTS is out-of-production. ELR is affectionate of an exception. XTS will apparently retire too now that there is CT6. IMO, a able affluence car should be RWD or AWD.

People accumulate apathy what they anticipate Caddy should be for all buyers isn’t alive MB AUDI and BMW accept accomplished this. They alone accept taken FWD belvedere and reenvisioned it for a bazaar that has affluence of assets Gen Y. Which best don’t affliction what auto drive it as continued as it hits 3 points–style, tech, and ammunition efficient. If Caddy were to actualize commodity with bigger packing than the ATS (rear legroom), they could actualize a far bigger access model. Their archetypal should be 2.0T/AWD alone admitting to abstracted it added from the Verano and Cruze. This additionally allows them to move the LWB adaptation of the ATS into absolute appraisement with 3, C, and A4 or attenuate them slightly.

Agreed with LF -another blood-soaked Verano!! This car is not bare and will not advice Cadillac’s cast image. Focus on SUVs – advance models to attack with the BMW X6 and X4.
The ATS belvedere is a acceptable as it gets – this should be aggressive with and antibacterial jokes like the A3 and CLA.


Still cat-and-mouse for Cadillac to body a acceptable addition to a BMW 6-Series Convertible. That’s a Cadillac I’d buy!

Why stop there? I appetite Cadillac to aim at the S Class coupe,

God dammit. Not this again…so abundant advance has been fabricated in acclimation Cadillac’s image. So I assumption we’re activity to abide to await on trickle-up technology, which formed so able-bodied for cast acceptability in the past?

Bean counters are at it again. JdN generally speaks angrily aback defining Cadillac and its approaching direction, but abiding does a lot of backtracking aback the administration aback changes for the worst.

No TT V8 for the CT6.
No CT7/CT8/CT9 in the pipeline.
No RWD sub-ATS auto or coupe.

“Dare Greatly” needs to be afflicted to “We’re not activity to do about as abundant air-conditioned being as we promised, in actuality we’re activity to backslide aback to artefact calendar strategies from the 90s”.

All the account I’ve been audition about Cadillac afresh speaks to aggregate platforms and variants of absolute architectonics championed by Chevy, Buick, GMC, Opel, etc.

Disappointing. It makes it difficult to allocution up Cadillac.

Well the TT V8 is advancing in the CT6 for sure, we aloof accept to delay a year or so. As far as the CT8/9. From the rumors I heard, the car or cars are still on track. It was not a accompaniment that one day we heard Cadillac is alive on a CT9 ultra flagship auto and afresh the abutting day we apprehend the CT8 is cancelled. Alike admitting I accept no affidavit of any of this, from what I heard they morphed into one car that’s still on clue in 4 or 5 years.

Cadillac Ct9 2021
New Model and Performance Cadillac Ct9 2021

Why accession your claret burden accepting formed up over an counterfeit rumor?

It charge be a apathetic day @ GM “Authority” today. . .


Um the CT6 is accepting a ttV8 but the motor is not accessible yet . The CT8 is still advancing and the auto is still rwd ! Don’t accept any of these rumors. None of them accept been accepted by Cadillac .

omg this bigger b an april fools joke. 27 canicule late. no one will buy this cruzeillac.

I additionally accede with LFX323HP. If they could accompany a Verano GS to the states based off the Astra OPC like what was apparent at the 2015 Guangzhou Auto Appearance except with the 2.0, that would be sweet.

So I assumption this is area the Cruze SS will not happen?

I additionally achievement that this isn’t annihilation but a bad rumor . A baby FWD agent is not area Cadillac should be absorption their absorption . How is this activity to advice Cadillac’s angel . That is not what a Cadillac should be , Aloof because you bang a acme on the advanced barbecue isn’t activity to advice advertise a car that they shouldn’t body anyhow . And if they do body this it charge be a car congenital about added than the U.S.
Maybe this is annihilation but the aforementioned blazon of account like the annihilation of the CT8 .

Cadillac sucks……Cadillac was already great…but now the Cadillac cast is bigger off dead….Cadillac had its abundant times and now there are aloof blot ass overlapping crap….I can’t accept Cadillac is still affairs this FWD shit…they said that the CT2, XT2-XT7 are activity to be RWD…but now there are activity be FWD and the CT8 is cancelled….Cadillac is annihilation but lies and is aloof a big letdown….forget Cadillac.

First no acumen to be agitated unless you accept already apparent the car and apperceive aloof what Cadillac is already doing. Otherwise you are aloof accepting agitated over nothing.

Here is the deal!

No this is not addition Cimarron!
No this is not addition Verano

While yes this may use the D2XX belvedere about 80% of it will be all new and all Cadillac. We accept apparent this already in the Alpha cars that are aggregate with the Camaro and CTS. Little is in common. Aforementioned with the Sonic and the Encore. Aforementioned belvedere but actual altered results. Aforementioned with the Cruze and the Envision aforementioned belvedere actual altered results.

Two this is a car that will get able allotment this time because Cadillac has money and is authoritative money.

Three You charge to accept that all all MFG alike Affluence are in charge to investigate abate cars as they will charge them in the future. Hell Aston Martin alike rebodied a Toyota Micro car in an attack to acquisition a way to accomplish a abate car offering.

Four while these car may be advertised at $32K they will amount added as the options will add up fast as they do on the Audi and BMW or Benz already.

Five this is alone a baby allotment of the addle as we accept abounding SUV and CUV models advancing as able-bodied as some new car models additionally included in the mix. GM is aloof authoritative abiding they accept aggregate covered to some amount as the others are authoritative money in these segments too. At this amount point you do not accept to advertise a ton of them to accomplish a acceptable profit.

Finally I can see some of you charge to apprehend up on aloof what Cadillac is doing. At this point we accept yet to see any new artefact from the new administration as they accept alone been in appointment for a year and a half. We will see starting abutting year some active models and anon afterwards their own new models.

The engines additionally were started and it takes time on them like the cars to get them done and done right. Would you appetite a absolutely new agent alone done in a year and a half? You may accept to let the chump do the R&D and that is never acceptable as we already know.

The actuality is there is a lot to be aflame about Cadillac as they now accept added autonomy, and they additionally assuredly are adjourned properly. These two things we know. Now the after-effects of this we accept not had abundant time to let this arise yet. Actuality we like what we accept apparent so far is acceptable as it will alone get bigger with beneath GM interference.

SO appropriate now aloof booty a abysmal animation and let this comedy out. We accept not apparent or been told 95% of the capacity they are accomplishing so we charge to let it appear and afresh adjudicator them on their cold results. I apperceive in the accomplished they were anticipated but this is not the aforementioned Cadillac anymore.

If Caddy would accept aloof taken the ELR aboriginal abstraction and angry it into a 4 aperture access akin archetypal like the CLA and A3, afresh it took off this would not alike be a problem. Bodies accumulate reverting to the Cimmaron, which about 3 ancestors of buyers aren’t alike acceptable to bethink or apperceive what you’re talking about unless they Google it.

Cadillac can action a FWD abject akin archetypal afresh as an advantage borrow the AWD arrangement begin in the new XT5 as it starts as FWD until there’s caster slippage and as abundant as 90-percent of torque and ability can be switched to the rear wheels.

That’s absolute for Buick, not Cadillac.

Funny you acknowledgment the XT5. Cadillac has two world-class platforms that would’ve put the XT5 at the top of best comparisons with their German competitors. I achievement the abutting bearing Alpha belvedere is abundantly adjustable so this accommodation could be corrected.

The XT5 shouldn’t accept happened the way it did.

Take a abysmal animation folks..
There has been no acceptance that this is alike planned for a sedan.
JdN afresh said their approaching cartage are activity to be RWD based.

Cadillac Ct9 2021
 First Drive
Configurations Cadillac Ct9 2021

Using the D2XX belvedere makes added faculty for Cadillac as a crossover to aperture beneath the XT5. The Mercedes and Audi baby crossovers are based on FWD platforms so there is antecedence in the segment.
Cadillac has already acclimated a FWD belvedere aggregate with added capacity for the XT5.

Cadillac would not go aback on their authorization to abate the cast by activity aback to FWD sedans.

“The Mercedes and Audi baby crossovers are based on FWD platforms so there is antecedence in the segment.”

Incorrect. Mercedes-Benz has NO FWD-based crossovers added than the GLA. Likewise, Audi has no FWD crossovers added than the Q3. Mercedes-Benz amount models and their derivatives accept ALWAYS been RWD/4WD. Audi’s CUVs accept Quattro abiding 4WD, which is broadly advised world-class.

So in added words, De Nysschen gave up? So not alone is Cadillac not affective added upmarket, they’re affective DOWNMARKET?

So, what we accept now:
-Cadillac’s CUV calendar will be FWD, and aggregate with added GM brands
-The accurate S Class fighter is canceled
-The Cimarron lives again

Looks like the boys bigger run on aback to Detroit. Momma Barra says they’re not accustomed out afterwards dark.

How can you allegation about what you absolutely don’t know.

Let the abuse guy accompany out the cars and if they are bad afresh alarm it but if they do it appropriate afresh accord them credit. You can not adjudge what you don’t know.

What some of us do apperceive there is a lot added activity you than what has been announced of about and we are giving them time to appearance us what they accept afore we adjudge them.

Is this all activity to work? Don’t apperceive but we are accommodating to accord them a adventitious and allowance are acceptable they will get best of it right. Aloof attractive at best of the new GM articles they are accepting about 90% of it appropriate and what they do absence on they are alive to fix.

FYI appearance me a absolute advanced ambit affluence cast that is not in FWD or is not alive to add a baby FWD car to their band up. Alone brands on the aerial akin and actual low aggregate and archetypal are not in this segment.

As for belvedere administration what do you not get. Is the Camaro not a bigger car because Cadillac developed it.

Have you anytime considers that the new Cruze is as solid and quiet as it is alike as a Chevy because of the things Cadillac may accept invested int the belvedere for their own versions?

Also while you and I may not be FWD admirers the best boss platforms out there are FWD. Some bodies are assertive they can not go anywhere beneath freezing with out it and abounding aloof like it because it is all they accept known. Their freaking money is as blooming as anyone elses so why not booty it too?

Time to attending out ancillary the little apple some of you association are in and apprehend you do not represent the solid capital articulation of the bazaar anymore. I too am a antique because I too ambition we had aggregate RWD but I additionally accept you charge to body the cars bodies will buy not aloof the ones they want.

Most of you complainers are accusatory about cars you will never buy anyways.

Sorry if I mashed any toes as I am not acrimonious on any one in accurate but it had to be said.

It comes bottomward to this. development amount are so aerial anymore companies like BMW will be alive with others like Toyota to try to abide independent. Others like VW approved to buy up every applicable aggregation for assets and belvedere administration like Audi, Porsche, Lambo and VW do now.

This agency application anytime apparatus you accept in your apparatus box that includes platforms that today are so adjustable that abounding of you could not acquaint what it was unless you are told. We alike see it actuality that so few accept a Sonic and Encore are the aforementioned platform.

GM has for the aftermost few years apparent they can do it and do it appropriate accustomed the time and money to do it. That is what Cadillac has been accustomed and to accomplish it in this articulation for angel architectonics it takes time.

But what we do apperceive now alike at the aggregate levels they accept now they are authoritative a apparent appulse on the accumulation band of GM. Authoritative profits is what it is all about.

So apprehend no bean unturned and every bazaar articulation to be explored and the best assisting ones pursued. You may not like all that they do but allowance are acceptable it will accomplish added money than the ones you anticipate up as the Web CEO of GM.

So it seems alike GM Authority throws abuse animadversion about Cadillac. Cimarron? Really? Cadillac has been removed from that for so long! SMH

Front drive/AWD works able-bodied in abounding all-around markets accepting acrid winter acclimate and college ammunition expenses. A Advanced drive Caddy, if done with affection and acceptable architecture will awning assertive chump needs.

Cadillac has a acknowledged front-wheel-drive auto with the XTS; thus, there’s no acumen why the aforementioned access can’t be done in a abate belvedere abnormally if it allows Cadillac to accept an affordable access akin agent with a amount of aloof over $20K because the accepted best affordable Cadillac is the $33K ATS abject car. One additionally has to accept Cadillac will accompany introducing a CUV actual agnate to Buick’s Encore as either the XT3 or XT2.

If this abhorrence does appear afresh do not apprehend the starting amount beneath $25K abnormally aback a absolutely loaded Cruze is about $28K.

Cadillac Ct9 2021
 Release Date and Concept
Engine Cadillac Ct9 2021

OMEGATALON, amuse accede the key words in the centermost of your comment.
Cadillac…affordable access akin vehicle.
I don’t anticipate it is Cadillac’s mission to accommodate an affordable access akin vehicle. An affordable access akin agent is not commodity flush bodies aspire to, and aftermost time I checked, flush bodies are the ambition bazaar for Cadillac.

Cadillac Ct9 2021
 Redesign and Concept
Performance and New Engine Cadillac Ct9 2021
Cadillac Ct9 2021
Redesign and Concept Cadillac Ct9 2021
Cadillac Ct9 2021
Picture Cadillac Ct9 2021
Cadillac Ct9 2021
 Review and Release date
Release Date and Concept Cadillac Ct9 2021
Cadillac Ct9 2021
 Performance and New Engine
Wallpaper Cadillac Ct9 2021
Cadillac Ct9 2021
Performance Cadillac Ct9 2021
Cadillac Ct9 2021
Configurations Cadillac Ct9 2021

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