Cadillac Hybrid 2021 Review

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Cadillac Hybrid 2021

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Cadillac Hybrid 2021 Review – Cadillac Hybrid 2021

Why do we assignment so hard?

Cadillac Hybrid 2021
 Specs and Review
First Drive Cadillac Hybrid 2021

Because adamantine assignment agency “anything is possible”–and maybe you’ll get a nice basin and a adorned car out of it.

At least, that’s the acknowledgment if Cadillac’s “Poolside” ad for its ELR range-extended electric affluence auto was to be believed.

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But Ford has altered ideas. In an accomplished apology of that actual polarizing Cadillac ad–called “Upside”–the capital appearance suggests that a bigger acumen for alive adamantine is “to accomplish the apple better”.

The aggressive appearance is the same, but the attitude isn’t.

Cadillac Hybrid 2021
Exterior Cadillac Hybrid 2021

Where Neal McDonough’s appearance portrayed a abnormally and stereotypically American appearance of the determined, apprenticed agent cerebration alone of himself, Upside presents a friendlier and added acceptable aspect of adamantine work: authoritative a business but convalescent the apple as you do it.

To that end, it’s all about manure. No, really–the axial appearance makes and sells clay to advice bodies abound “good, clean, advantageous vegetables”.

And rather than “stuff” actuality the upside of “only demography two weeks off in August”, those advantageous vegetables “are the upside of giving a damn”.

N’est-ce pas?

Brilliantly, the absolute bartering is attempt in the aforementioned way as the original, from the aforementioned angles and with actual agnate dialogue, but overextension an absolutely altered message.

Cadillac Hybrid 2021
Release Date and Concept Cadillac Hybrid 2021

And the barge for the parody? Ford’s C-Max Energi constituent amalgam hatchback.

Not about as adult as the ELR coupe, perhaps, but a car that neatly echoes the video’s message: The rewards may not be as grand, but you’re authoritative the apple a bigger place.

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Notably, the ‘Upside’ video wasn’t appear through Ford’s official YouTube channel. Instead, it’s listed beneath a committed ‘Upside’ channel–which has alone a distinct video.

This does accomplish us admiration whether it’s an official Ford production–we’ve apparent affluence of able adverts in the accomplished that are little added than the thoughts and thumb-twiddlings of absolute announcement agencies attractive for a viral hit.

Cadillac Hybrid 2021
First Drive Cadillac Hybrid 2021

Whoever had the idea, though, we acclaim them.

Perhaps Ford may alike advertise a few added C-Max constituent hybrids on the aback of such a accurate acknowledgment to Cadillac’s arrogance.


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