Volkswagen Voyage 2021 Redesign And Concept

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Volkswagen Voyage 2021
 First Drive

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Volkswagen Voyage 2021 Redesign And Concept – Volkswagen Voyage 2021

I.D. Buzz abstraction and its inspiration: will the 2022 I.D. Bus accessory like this?

Volkswagen Voyage 2021
New Model and Performance Volkswagen Voyage 2021

China is breadth the Volkswagen Group and the VW cast in accurate see potentially ample sales for electrified models in the advancing years. Manufacturers accept no best but to anatomy such vehicles, as the Communist Party has allowable accumulation quotas for these alleged NEVs (New Activity Vehicles). VAG says it will absorb 10bn euro on not aloof PHEVs but EVs too, for the Chinese market.

In backward November, Jochem Heizmann told the media that Volkswagen AG is aiming to be carrying as abounding as 400,000 electrified cartage a year to Chinese barter by 2020. Afterward a added appearance of spending, the appetite moves to 1.5 actor per annum by 2025.

A huge bulk of money is additionally set to be spent on the group’s European factories, and to a bottom admeasurement on ones in Mexico and the USA as the I.D. ambit of VWs is gradually formed out worldwide. These cartage will arise in assorted sizes and shapes but anniversary will be absolutely electric. Will there be appeal abundant for such models? No-one knows. Volkswagen is actuality understandably and evidently cautious, adage abandoned that it affairs to advertise 100,000 I.D. cartage in 2020, the aboriginal abounding year of production.

An EV cast for China

Few accommodation of this JV are known, added than the actuality that the logo looks actual agnate to that of SEAT’s stylised S.

Jochem Heizmann told Chinese journalists accessory the 2016 Paris motor appearance that an EV cast was planned for China, with the aboriginal archetypal to be supplied by JAC. The acumen accustomed was that Volkswagen could this way accept an electric agent accessible for the bounded bazaar advanced of legislation which mandates their production.

The accord with JAC is believed to be a abbreviate appellation band-aid although Volkswagen AG and JAC accept back afresh broadcast their accord into addition abeyant JV for pick-ups and vans/MPVs. The electric archetypal to be supplied by the Chinese aggregation will acceptable be a baby auto based on the JAC iEV6 or abroad the backup for the iEV4.

The Volkswagen Group’s own MEB architectonics will be the base of the electric models which the aggregation will aftermath in China with its JV partners, SAIC and FAW, in 2020 or 2021. Heizmann additionally fabricated this advertisement to Chinese journalists at the 2016 Paris motor show, breadth the MEB-based electric Volkswagen I.D. abstraction was revealed. He did not accord any accommodation of the models to be congenital by SAIC Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen.

I.D. family: bristles models

The bristles cartage in the I.D. agency should be as follows: I.D. (hatchback), I.D. Cantankerous (crossover), I.D. Lounge (sedan), I.D. Aero (fastback) and I.D. Bus (MPV/minivan).

The aboriginal of the bristles will be the I.D. itself. Additionally accepted axial Volkswagen as the Neo, this will be an electric five-door hatchback.

Production of the I.D. will arise aboriginal at the Zwickau bulb in Germany backward in 2019, Volkswagen declared in November. Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten (Modular Electric Drive Kit) or MEB is the name of the architecture. VW is anticipation to be planning to bind sales of this archetypal to Europe.

The I.D. is accepted to accept an NEDC ambit of up to 500km (311 miles) and to be able of actuality recharged in 15 minutes. These accommodation were arise by Volkswagen on the eve of the 2016 Geneva motor show.

The I.D. abstraction appeared at the Paris appearance six months later, with Volkswagen advertisement an on-sale date of 2020 for a agent based on this architectonics study. This will be the brand’s aboriginal EV to be accurately advised as such.

The achievement of the concept’s motor was claimed to be 125kW (170PS) and the agent was about the aforementioned admeasurement as a Polo, but with a wheelbase (2,740mm) about on a par with a Passat. The I.D. was 4,100 mm continued and, thus, 155 mm beneath than a Golf. Width was 1,800 mm and acme 1,530 mm. Advanced and rear overhangs were minimal. VW additionally says a absolutely free archetypal is actuality developed for absolution in 2025. A self-driving ancestor adaptation of the I.D. had its apple premiere at the 2017 Detroit auto show.

MEB will be the base of the electric models which Volkswagen will aftermath in China with its JV partners, SAIC and FAW, in 2020 or 2021. Jochem Heizmann fabricated this advertisement to Chinese journalists at the 2016 Paris motor show, breadth the I.D. was revealed. He did not accord any accommodation of the cartage to be congenital by SAIC Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen.

Volkswagen told the media in November 2016 that it would activate architectonics MEB architectonics cartage in the USA from 2021.

The I.D. Cross, the added archetypal in the series, will be based on the I.D. Crozz, a 4,625mm continued abstraction which aboriginal premiered at April 2017’s Shanghai motor show. An change afresh appeared at the Frankfurt IAA bristles months later. Both were 4,625mm long, 1,891mm wide, 1,609mm aerial and with a 2,773mm wheelbase.

The powertrain of the concepts accumulated an 83kWh lithium-ion array backpack with a brace of electric motors; one on anniversary axle. The advanced motor generated 101 application and the rear 201hp, for a accumulated arrangement achievement of 302hp. This abstraction agent was claimed to accept “an advancing ambit of 300 miles”.

Herbert Diess, the administrator of the Volkswagen brand’s Board of Management, fabricated this account at Auto Shanghai: “By 2025, we appetite to addition anniversary sales of electric cartage to one actor units. The I.D. CROZZ will comedy a key role in that. Accumulation will activate in 2020.” The four-door car is the brand’s aboriginal electrically powered crossover account agent (CUV) – a coupé and action account agent (SUV) in one.

To be agnate in admeasurement to the Tiguan, the I.D. Cantankerous will be accessible in Europe, North America and China. Volkswagen of America told the media at the LA auto appearance in November that a accumulation archetypal based on the I.D. Cantankerous would be the aboriginal I.D. archetypal to be accessible in the USA. This will be from 2020. The I.D. Bus will chase in 2022.

The I.D. Lounge should be mainly for China and the USA. That should beggarly a auto anatomy style. Expect a abstraction adaptation to arise in either 2018 or 2019. Accumulation is due to activate in the third analysis of 2021. As with added I.D. models, there should be a facelift afterwards four years and a seven-year activity cycle.

Insiders allege of a abstraction alleged I.D. AEROe which is acceptable to be arise at a Chinese or US motor show. Added than this name, few accommodation of what should aftereffect in an closing alternation accumulation agent are known. The anatomy appearance ability be a fastback auto but this is speculative. Anatomy should arise in 2021.

The administration administration of the I.D. Bus (see image) was arise by the I.D. Buzz abstraction at the 2017 Detroit auto show.

VW had arise a ancestor of an beforehand electric Microbus at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January 2016. This, the BUDD-e concept, was said to accept been based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). The aggregation hinted that a accumulation adaptation of the BUDD-e could arise to bazaar in 2019 but did not explain why there would be such a continued adjournment amid abstraction and exhibit launch.

Volkswagen stated, aloft absolute the BUDD-e, that its electric drive would accord a active ambit of up to 533km (233 miles) according to the NEDC and EPA estimated real-world active ranges. The all-wheel drive vehicle’s arrangement had a claimed absolute ability achievement of 235 kW (317 PS) and it was to be accessible to allegation the array to 80 per cent of its accommodation “within aloof about 30 minutes”.

A year later, the I.D. Buzz appeared, with its name possibly a comedy on ‘bus’. This architectonics abstraction looked like a avant-garde booty on the 1960s and 1970s Bulli and could bench up to eight people. It had all-wheel drive, two electric motor shows and 369hp. Additionally according to Volkswagen, the Buzz acclimated an continued MEB-XL belvedere and was 194.6 inches long, 77.8 inches advanced and 77.3 inches tall.

The I.D. Bus will be the fifth archetypal in the alternation and will arise to bazaar in 2022. VW accepted the timing and the accumulation bulb in August 2017. The Bus will be bogus in Hanover by Volkswagen Bartering Vehicles. This agency that both commuter microbus and burden variants will be available, some with Level 3 autonomy. Volkswagen of America intends to advertise both commuter and bartering van versions. It ability acceptation these from Germany or anatomy them at its Chattanooga plant.

Volkswagen Voyage 2021
Release Date and Concept Volkswagen Voyage 2021

Other electrified models

The e-up! is Volkswagen’s aboriginal EV. This electric adaptation of the up! burghal car was previewed by the e-UP! abstraction at the Frankfurt motor appearance in September 2009.

The e-up! had its accessible admission at the Barcelona motor appearance in May 2013. The agent has an electric motor with 60kW (82PS) aiguille power. Its connected ability is declared as actuality 40kW (55PS), with best torque of 210Nm.

Volkswagen says the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h “within 14 seconds” and alcove a top acceleration of 135 km/h. The lithium-ion array chip in the underfloor breadth has a absolute activity accumulator accommodation of 18.7kWh; this agency that the car can reportedly awning up to 150 km (per NEDC) on a distinct charge. The e-up! is claimed to counterbalance 1,185 kg.

The aboriginal LHD European bazaar deliveries commenced in December 2013, with chump deliveries in the UK afterward from January 2014.

A facelifted e-up! was arise in September 2016. A added bearing e-up! is set to access accumulation at Bratislava in 2020.

The e-Lavida, an electric adaptation of SAIC Volkswagen’s New Lavida auto had been beneath development but it has reportedly been delayed until the abutting bearing archetypal appears in 2019. A ancestor debuted as continued ago as the Beijing motor appearance in April 2010. VW arise the car’s accumulation name as New Lavida blue-e-motion the afterward month, acknowledging at the aforementioned time that its barrage in China would be in 2013. The barrage did not booty place.

Following a action change for constituent Volkswagens’ archetypal names (e-up! and e-Golf), this car’s name is acceptable to accept afflicted to e-Lavida. In June 2015, the aggregation told the media that an EV based on the Lavida would be launched in China “in four years’ time”. SVW says the car will be bogus at its Anting bulb west of Shanghai.

MEB allows for front-, rear- and /or all-wheel drive. This could able-bodied beggarly that the backup for the Beetle could additionally be an electric, RWD car. Some say the archetypal name ability be e-Bug, e-Bugster or Bug-e. Should that be VW’s intention, the car would be delayed until 2020.

Meanwhile, addition C articulation model, the e-Golf, was launched in pre-production anatomy at the Frankfurt motor appearance in September 2013. Afterwards assorted concepts, anniversary of which had a altered name, finally, Volkswagen acclimatized on ‘e-Golf’.

The car is a authentic EV, originally powered by a 85kW (115PS) motor. This produced its best drive torque of 270Nm as anon as it started off. VW said the car accomplished 100 km/h in 10.4 abnormal and had an electronically bound top acceleration of 140 km/h.

The e-Golf entered accumulation during the added analysis of 2014, with LHD European bazaar deliveries basic in May/June, and cars for the UK in dealerships from July. Volkswagen of America began deliveries of what was its 2015 e-Golf in November 2014. For the 2016 archetypal year, VW of America added an SE archetypal cast and a new infotainment system. For the 2017 archetypal year, the e-Golf was agitated over abundantly unchanged, although there was afresh a specific media absolution apropos the 2017 e-Golf in September 2017.

A ancillary electric motor, which the Volkswagen Group advised and builds, admiral the car. In the aboriginal e-Golf it would circuit at up to 12,000rpm and advance up to 114bhp and 200lb ft of torque, depending on which one of three active modes was selected. Drive was via Volkswagen’s own EQ270 single-speed gearbox. Ability came from a 24.2kWh lithium ion array supplied by Panasonic. This advised 318kg and was army beneath the cossack floor.

The aboriginal e-Golf could be fast-charged in four hours but via a home socket, it took 13 hours.

Volkswagen arise an added 30% ambit for the e-Golf at January 2016’s CES in Las Vegas. Volkmar Tanneberger, the company’s accomplished of cyberbanking development, said the blueprint of the array beef would become 37 amp hours compared to the afresh absolute 28 amp hours. This car had its accessible admission at the LA auto appearance in November 2016. This was North America’s 2017 archetypal year e-Golf and there was additionally a facelift.

The adapted e-Golf’s array backpack has a accommodation of 35.8kW, admitting the original’s was aloof 24.2kWh. Volkswagen of America says this improves the ambit by up to 50%, acceptation the car can biking up to 124 miles. Recharging takes six hours or to 80% of accommodation in beneath an hour if application a DC socket.

The motor now develops 134 horsepower, which is 19 added than the aboriginal adaptation of the e-Golf. Best torque has been added from 199 pound-feet to 214 lb-ft. The car is now a added faster to 60 mph (now 9.6 seconds) and top acceleration increases to 93 mph.

The USA is the e-Golf’s better bazaar (it is accessible abandoned in assertive states), followed by Norway.

Volkswagen began architectonics the e-Golf as its alleged Transparent Branch in Dresden in April 2017. The car is additionally still bogus in Wolfsburg. There will be anatomy in China too, it was arise in July 2017. Cars will be accumulated by the FAW Volkswagen JV and batteries supplied by bounded close Contemporary Amperex Technology.

The abutting e-Golf should be one of the aboriginal cartage for the Volkswagen Group’s MEB battery-electric bunched architecture, as arise in a 13 October 2015 media release:

“An MEB electric toolkit for approaching use in bunched articulation cartage is to be developed based on the acquaintance acquired with absolute agent architectures. This will be a multi-brand toolkit acceptable for both commuter cars and ablaze bartering cartage and will appropriately advantage synergies from added electric agent projects in the Group. The connected arrangement will be advised for all anatomy structures and agent types, appropriately acceptance decidedly affecting agent concepts,and will accredit an all-electric ambit of 250 to 500 kilometers”.

Although no accommodation were given, Volkswagen arise affairs for a Golf amalgam at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2010. A barrage date of October 2013 was given. The activity was afresh accountable to delay, with the accumulation archetypal assuredly actuality arise at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2014. As expected, the Golf GTE is a PHEV, not abandoned a hybrid, and uses the aforementioned powertrain as the Audi A3 e-tron.

The constituent amalgam arrangement consists of a 1.4-litre 150PS TSI direct-injection petrol agent and a 102PS electric motor.  Together, they amalgamate to aftermath claimed ability of 204PS. Torque is 350Nm. Volkswagen says that in electric approach (activated by blame a button), the GTE can biking up to 31 miles, depending on conditions, and the electric ability can additionally be adored – for archetype back active to a zero-emissions zone.  The 8.8kWh lithium-ion array can be answerable in about three and a bisected hours from a calm mains outlet, or two and a bisected hours from a calm wallbox. The array weighs 120kg, giving the GTE a absolute kerb weight of 1,520 kg.

The accepted manual is a six-speed DSG with a triple-clutch arrangement distinctively developed for amalgam vehicles. The electric motor is chip into the gearbox housing, while added amalgam apparatus accommodate ability electronics and a charger. The anchor servo is electro-mechanical and the air conditioning compressor is electric.

Visually, the Golf GTE combines elements of the accessory of the e-Golf and the GTI. The advanced bonanza appearance C-shaped LED daytime active lights, like those on the e-Golf, as able-bodied as aerodynamic accumbent ‘fins’, like those on the GTI. Breadth the GTI appearance red, the GTE has dejected accents, including beyond the grille and into the headlights.

Deliveries in European markets commenced in October 2014, with cars for the UK afterward two months later. Volkswagen of America declared in February 2014 that it had no affairs to barrage the GTE. A facelifted archetypal was allotment of the revised Golf ambit arise by Volkswagen in November 2016.

The abutting bearing e-Golf and Golf GTE are due to arise in 2019.

Though no accommodation were given, affairs for a amalgam alternative of the afresh abutting Passat were arise at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2010.

Volkswagen Voyage 2021
 Release Date and Concept
Exterior and Interior Volkswagen Voyage 2021

In December 2012, there was media belief which appropriate that the car would be a constituent hybrid. This was accepted by a abbreviate account aural VW’s 26 May 2014 media absolution on the accessible Passat range: ‘A constituent amalgam archetypal will additionally be offered with abeyant to biking 31 afar on array ability alone, and with a abeyant best ambit of about 600 miles’.

The Passat GTE had its apple premiere at October 2014’s Paris motor appearance as both a auto and an estate. It can biking up to 50km on the activity stored in its batteries. The powertrain is agnate to that in the Golf GTE. This consists of a turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol agent and an electric motor. The motor is added able than the one in the Golf GTE.

This archetypal went on auction in accordant markets from the added bisected of 2015. It will be facelifted in 2018. The abutting Passat GTE will use the aforementioned MQB A/B architecture. That car is set to arise in 2021.

The Phideon PHEV, a auto for China, had its apple premiere in April 2017 at Auto Shanghai with accumulation afterward four months later. This was the aboriginal of thirteen electrified VWs which the German close will acquaint to the Chinese bazaar by 2020. SAIC Volkswagen’s big auto is based on the MLB Evo architecture. A facelifted archetypal should be arise in 2020. The added bearing Phideon constituent amalgam is due for absolution in 2024. It ability instead be a absolutely electric car.

The activity to alter the aloft Phaeton, Volkswagen’s better sedan, has had abounding twists and turns, the latest development arise in a media account on 13 October 2015:

“The Volkswagen Phaeton has embodied the brand’s abstruse adequacy and cast appetite from the aboriginal bearing onward. The approaching bearing of the Phaeton will already afresh be the flagship for the brand’s contour over the abutting decade. In ablaze of this, the Board of Management redefined the accepted project. The blueprint appearance a authentic electric drive with long-distance capability, connectivity and next- bearing abetment systems as able-bodied as an affecting design”.

The new archetypal is acceptable to be awash in North America – the accepted car was aloof at the end of that region’s 2006 archetypal year due to poor sales.

There are letters that the car’s entry-point amount will be bargain so as to accomplished the accepted ample gap amid VW’s beyond sedans, the Arteon, Phideon and Phaeton.

Crossovers & SUVs

The CrossFox is an high-riding five-door adaptation of the Brazilian-built Fox. Its admission was at the São Paulo appearance in October 2004. Despite the looks, this A articulation archetypal does not accept all-wheel drive. There accept been two facelifts for this model: December 2009 and August 2015.

A new CrossFox is accepted to be launched during 2018. It should afresh be congenital in Brazil and belted to assertive markets in the Americas.

The Saveiro is a two-door analeptic adaptation of the Gol (hatchback) and Voyage (sedan). It was launched in Brazil, breadth it is built, in August 2009. VW added the Saveiro Cantankerous in February 2010. This alternative has altered bumpers, roof balustrade and wheelarch extensions, giving it an off-road look. The Saveiro Cantankerous backup is accepted to be launched in mid-2019.

The cantankerous up! had its all-around admission at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2013. This tiny crossover sits college than the up! and has wheelarch extensions and beyond bumpers. Despite its mini-4×4 looks, it charcoal front-wheel drive. Its capital battling is the Fiat Panda Trekking. The backup for the cantankerous up! ability become a all-around archetypal and change names to T-Track.

One admeasurement up, Volkswagen will anon be abacus a B segment/Sbcompact SUV alleged T-Cross. The aggregation arise a baby SUV concept, the Taigun, at October 2012’s Sao Paulo auto show. The aboriginal bulb to anatomy a accumulation archetypal based on that abstraction had been accepted to be Taubaté but the bread-and-butter abatement in Brazil saw those affairs put on hold. As the abridgement improves, so now VW is alteration and animating its plans.

A adapted Taigun abstraction debuted at the Delhi motor appearance in February 2014. The capital change was an evidently army added tyre. According to VW, the Taigun abstraction was 3,859mm long; with army added wheel, it was 3,995mm. Width was 1,728mm and height was 1,570mm (with roof balustrade 1,605mm). The wheelbase was quoted as actuality 2,470mm.

A beginning B-segment SUV abstraction appeared at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2016 and a accumulation archetypal based on this ancestor should be bogus in Europe (Bratislava seems likely), India and China. This agent will be carefully accompanying to the SEAT Ateca. The Geneva 2016 concept, the T-Cross Breeze, was a convertible but the accumulation archetypal would be a five-door hatchback.

Volkswagen of America is not accepted to advertise the T-Cross, at atomic initially, alike admitting abounding dealers appetite this archetypal as a amateur for the Jeep Renegade, Hyundai Kona and Chevrolet Trax.

A 6 August 2017 account adventure on Media declared that the T-Cross would be congenital in Brazil at the company’s São José dos Pinhais bulb from the added bisected of 2018.

A crossover wagon alternative in the appearance of the Volvo V40 Cantankerous Country went on auction in China during November 2016. This is the Volkswagen C-Trek. A added derivative, the C-Trek Boundless, was arise at Auto Shanghai in April 2017. Both models are due for replacements in aboriginal 2019. They will afresh be belted to barter in the PRC.

A crossover in the aforementioned admeasurement chic as the Golf is the Golf Alltrack. This had its apple premiere at the Paris motor appearance in October 2014. It has a 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, college arena clearance, caster accomplished mouldings, flared ancillary sills and altered bumpers. 

Volkswagen of America arise its equivalent, the 2017 Golf SportWagen Alltrack, at the New York auto appearance in April 2015. This, the aboriginal all-wheel drive Golf to be congenital at Puebla in Mexico, was in North American showrooms from October 2016. A pre-production car premiered at the New York auto appearance in March 2016.

A facelifted Golf was arise to the media in November 2016. North America’s SportWagen Alltrack has acquired the facelift and added changes for the 2018 archetypal year.

Expect the abutting Golf Alltrack and abutting Golf SportWagen Alltrack in 2020. They will afresh be based on MQB A/B.

The T-Roc is Volkswagen’s latest SUV. It is positioned in what the aggregation calls the Golf class. The added bearing Tiguan is beyond than the aboriginal so this is the acumen why there is amplitude in VW’s ambit of SUVs for this added archetypal aloft the approaching T-Cross.

FAW Volkswagen is accepted to accept been alleged as the JV which will anatomy this archetypal in China. Most added Volkswagen SUVs congenital in China are fabricated by SAIC Volkswagen. The European accumulation area for the T-Roc is Palmela (Setúbal) in Portugal.

The 4,234mm continued T-Roc was arise to the media at an accident in August, with its accessible apple premiere demography abode a few weeks afterwards at the Frankfurt IAA. German bazaar deliveries to buyers commenced in November. For the moment, there are said to be no affairs to action the T-Roc in the US or Canada.

Expect a facelift for the T-Roc in the added analysis of 2021. Afore then, there should be a T-Roc GTE (plug-in hybrid). The abutting bearing is not due until 2024.

The backup for the Tiguan had been due to be arise in Germany in backward 2014 but was delayed until the Frankfurt IAA in September 2015. It is beyond so as to fit in with one or added SUVs and crossovers beneath it, and the Atlas/Teramont and Touareg aloft it.

Volkswagen Voyage 2021
Price and Release date Volkswagen Voyage 2021

The accepted car has a best wheelbase than the aboriginal bearing Tiguan, while the aboriginal bearing Tiguan L, a archetypal congenital abandoned in China, went all-around for its added generation.

The LWB car for China is afresh fabricated by SAIC Volkswagen. This is at the Changsha bulb in south axial China. Changsha opened in May 2015 and its aboriginal artefact was SVW’s Lavida. The branch has an antecedent anniversary accommodation of 300,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen declared in March 2014 that the afresh abutting Tiguan would be bogus in Wolfsburg and Hanover. As able-bodied as in Germany and China, the VW Group’s Kaluga bulb should afresh anatomy the Tiguan in Russia. There is additionally accumulation in India – that commenced in March 2017. Further, VW’s Puebla bulb in Mexico would additionally accomplish the model, it was arise in March 2015.

VW of America declared at the 2015 Detroit appearance that a long-wheelbase Tiguan would be congenital at either Chattanooga or Puebla from 2017. No acumen for the continued adjournment was given. North America’s 2018 archetypal year Tiguan went on auction in mid-2017 and fits into the ambit beneath the US-built Atlas. It had been anticipation that the LWB acquired for North America would be alleged Tiguan Allspace but instead, it is artlessly Tiguan. Bristles seats are accepted with a third row authoritative seven, optional.

The 4,700mm continued LWB Tiguan was arise at the Detroit auto appearance in January 2017. North America’s archetypal is accessible abandoned with a 184hp 2.0-litre petrol turbo engine, admitting both FWD and AWD variants are offered. The LWB archetypal for European markets is marketed as the Tiguan Allspace. Its breadth compares to 4,485mm for the accepted Tiguan.

Volkswagen de México’s March 2015 advertisement said that a “three-row adaptation of the Tiguan” would be produced at Puebla. The aggregation spent the agnate of US$1 billion for the amplification and modernisation of its accumulation accessories at the Puebla plant, as able-bodied as applique to aftermath genitalia at suppliers. Volkswagen defined that the accumulation accommodation for this best Tiguan would be 500 units per day. This archetypal is supplied to North and South America, as able-bodied as added apple markets (excluding the European Union and China).

The added bearing Tiguan uses the latest abundance of the Volkswagen Group’s MQB architectonics matrix. This is not abandoned carefully affiliated to the Golf and Audi A3, but additionally to added SUVs such as the Audi Q5 and the Skoda Kodiaq. German bazaar sales of the Tiguan commenced in January 2016.

Expect a facelift for the Tiguan in the final analysis of 2020. The abutting Tiguan is due in aboriginal 2024.

Volkswagen is said to be developing a alleged ‘Tiguan Sport’, i.e. a crossover to be positioned beneath the Tiguan. It is reportedly activity to be accurately for the Russian and Chinese markets but it may additionally be congenital in Mexico and awash in North America too. There, it would be positioned in the aforementioned way that the Nissan Rogue Action is beneath the Rogue. This would acceptable additionally beggarly the end of the Tiguan Limited, which is the old-shape archetypal which is still awash in the USA. Job 1 for Tiguan Action accumulation is accepted to be in December 2018.

Yet addition SUV in the Tiguan ancestors is additionally anticipation to be in the planning stages. The ‘Tiguan Coupe’ would be a cheaper battling for the Ambit Rover Evoque. It is accepted to be congenital in both China and Europe. There may additionally be accumulation at Puebla in Mexico. There accept been rumours of delays to this activity and some alike now say that it has been cancelled. Accumulation would arise in backward 2018 if the Auto is still activity ahead.

The added bearing the Passat Alltrack, an estate-based crossover, had its apple premiere at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2015. It went on auction beyond Europe from September 2015. As was the case with the antecedent model, there are exports from Germany to China. There, it is alleged Magotan Alltrack. A facelifted archetypal will be arise during 2018 and a backup in 2021.

In August, rumours began to broadcast that the Volkswagen Group is planning to accommodate the Skoda Karoq and advertise it in South American markets as the VW Tharu. Accumulation is said to be planned for a bulb in Argentina.

Volkswagen declared in November that it would be spending 560m euro to advancement its Pacheco bulb in Argentina so as to anatomy a new MQB architectonics SUV there from 2020 but the archetypal in catechism was not named.

The Amarok SUV (not its archetypal name) is accepted to be arise a year afterwards the accession of the abutting bearing pick-up, which agency 2021. It will be a all-around battling for the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Isuzu mu-X and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

The better VW SUV is the Atlas. Volkswagen arise a abstraction adaptation of this ambitious battling for the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander at the 2013 Detroit auto show. A seven-seat accumulation adaptation would be bogus at Volkswagen of America’s Chattanooga plant, the close declared in July 2014. A added band was installed to anatomy this added model.

A beneath adaptation of the abstraction from the 2013 Detroit appearance angry up at the Shanghai motor appearance in April 2013. This one was alleged the Volkswagen CrossBlue Auto abstraction and had abandoned two rows of seats. A accumulation adaptation is accepted to eventually be bogus at one of FAW VW’s Changchun plants and acceptable additionally at Chattanooga. The abstraction at Auto Shanghai had ambit which were agnate to those of the Touareg, which shows aloof how big the Teramont/Atlas is.

SAIC Volkswagen’s Changsha bulb began architectonics the Teramont in January 2017. This bulb had a declared anniversary accommodation of 300,000 cartage a year back it opened in May 2015. Bounded sales commenced in March 2017.

In North America, the Atlas is accessible with 2.0-litre turbo and 3.6-litre V6 engines. Both accept a accepted eight-speed transmission, the 238hp four-cylinder variants are accessible in front-wheel drive or 4MOTION all-wheel drive form, and the 280hp ‘VR6’ has 4MOTION as standard. US bazaar deliveries commenced in May 2017 for the 2018 agenda year. The aboriginal cars for dealers came off the band on 14 December 2016 as VW of America began to anatomy up account advanced of the official sales release.

The Atlas had its accessible admission at the LA auto appearance in November 2016, while its twin, SAIC Volkswagen’s Teramont, was arise at the Guangzhou appearance during the aforementioned month. As able-bodied as exports to Canada and Mexico, Volkswagen of America should additionally accelerate some cars to Russia. There ability be an closing agent adaptation for that bazaar too.

The Atlas and Teramont should be accustomed facelifts from the third analysis of 2020. A PHEV powertrain will arise afore afresh (see below). Replacements are due in 2023 or 2024.

Volkswagen of America is accepted to add a two-row/five-seat Atlas to the archetypal ambit for the 2019 archetypal year. It ability accept an different name or abroad be alleged Atlas Sport.

An Atlas GTE is due to be added by Volkswagen of America for the 2020 archetypal year. SAIC Volkswagen should additionally accord the Teramont GTE this aforementioned PHEV powertrain during 2019.

The abutting Touareg is now abandoned months away. Accumulation should alpha at Bratislava in February. T-Prime Abstraction GTE which premiered at the Beijing motor appearance in April 2016 is anticipation to accept been a ancestor of a PHEV version. This would beggarly that the new archetypal would be beyond than the absolute vehicle. The constituent amalgam will be the Touareg GTE.

If Touareg 3 is to be awash in North America and China, it needs to be bigger than Touareg 2, as it would contrarily be abate than the Atlas & Teramont – these are best than the accepted Touareg.

VW issued this account at the Beijing appearance so as to explain its approaching SUVs strategy:

The T-Prime Abstraction GTE is allotment of an SUV artefact abhorrent that was launched this bounce with the European admission of the new Tiguan. In approaching this acknowledged archetypal will, for the aboriginal time, additionally be accessible with an continued wheelbase. In the classes aloft it, this will be followed by a new mid-size SUV for China and the USA as able-bodied as the acknowledged Touareg or a agent based on the T-Prime Abstraction GTE. Beneath the Tiguan, two new SUV archetypal alternation will additionally accomplish their debut: in the Golf chic there will be an SUV based on the T-ROC abstraction car. The T-Cross Breeze presented in Geneva in March, on the added hand, gives a glimpse of a approaching SUV in the Polo class.

There are additionally letters that a rebodied Touareg ability be beneath development as a affectionate of ‘Touareg CC’; i.e. an advised battling for the BMW X6. This ability borrow its name from the T-Prime concept.

Future archetypal plan letters for added manufacturers can be beheld in the OEM artefact action summaries area of Media artefact affairs intelligence

Volkswagen Voyage 2021
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Style Volkswagen Voyage 2021

Additional abstracts on agent lifetime and approaching artefact plans, such as cipher names, accumulation plants and accepted anniversary build, are accessible in PLDB from QUBE.

The abutting analysis of the Volkswagen Group to be looked at in this alternation will be SEAT.

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