Volvo Elbilar 2021 Configurations

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Volvo Elbilar 2021
 Price and Release date

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Volvo Elbilar 2021 Configurations – Volvo Elbilar 2021

Electric cars all appear with a 120-volt charging cable that can allegation the array from a domiciliary atrium if there are no added options.

Volvo Elbilar 2021
 First Drive
Pictures Volvo Elbilar 2021

But eventually or later, best battery-electric car owners will appetite a 240-volt Level 2 charging base that can recharge the car as abundant as four times faster.

Owners of constituent hybrids with ranges beneath 30 afar may acquisition the accepted charging cable fine, but as constituent ranges rise, they too may adjudge a charging base will access their all-electric driving.

While 240-volt charging stations aren’t complicated, there are abounding altered options on the market.

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You will acceptable allegation to appoint an electrician, too, so some preplanning is in adjustment to ensure that you get the appropriate charging base and the accession goes smoothly.

First, be acquainted of a little bit of terminology. Avant-garde electric cars accept the absolute chargers congenital into them.

So the assemblage installed on your barn bank is not absolutely a “charger,” although it is frequently alleged that. The assemblage is additionally alleged an EVSE, for Electric Agent Supply Equipment.

If you’re adorable to install commodity to allegation your electric car in your garage, carport, or elsewhere, a “charging station” or EVSE is what you want.

We’ve acclimated both agreement interchangeably throughout this article.

Circuit-breaker box assuming 240-Volt ambit for electric-car charging station


If you are activity to appoint an electrician to install base and the committed ambit that charging stations need, accede allurement him to put one in that carries at atomic 50 amps.

It will acceptable alone bulk hardly more, but will save you cogent money in the approaching if you end up with a approaching electric car that can allegation at a college bulk than today’s offerings.

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Plugging in vs hardwiring

Many charging stations appear with a 240-volt bung on them.

Others are set up to be assuredly hard-wired, with either a “pigtail” (a wire with bald chestnut ends) or a knock-out console breadth a wire will run into the interior.

Either access works, but you should apperceive the pros and cons of anniversary afore you columnist the “BUY” button.

2016 Nissan Leaf

Plugged in: Getting an EVSE with a bung agency your electrician can install an aperture afterwards accepting the absolute charging base there, absolution you install it afterwards on your own.

It additionally agency that if the EVSE anytime fails, or you appetite to advancement to a added able base (within the banned of your wiring), you can install a new one on your own.

The bung on the EVSE additionally serves as a “service disconnect,” potentially eliminating the allegation for a bounded sub-panel accession or a abstracted abstract box that may be appropriate by cipher if your capital ambit box is not aural afterimage of the EVSE.

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The bung on the EVSE additionally allows you to bound alight it and booty it to accession breadth if you move or adapt your garage.

Hardwired: A hardwired charging base that fails will crave an electrician to appear out already to abolish the abnormal unit, forth with a accessible added appointment to install the new one. The aforementioned book plays out for advance to a new unit.

On the added hand, hardwiring can crop a cleaner installation. There is no alliance box or bung to ataxia things up or baffle with wrapping the bond about the EVSE to abundance it.

In the end, there is no appropriate or amiss access (unless your bounded cipher accurately requires hardwiring). It is a bulk of claimed choice.

NEMA 6-50 bung in socket


Not all EVSEs labeled “40 amps” are the same.  Some EVSEs are advertised that way because they are to be affiliated to a 40-amp breaker, although they absolutely alone achievement 30 or 32 amps.

Other units are advertised as 40-amp because they achievement 40 amps, acceptation they absolutely allegation to go on a ambit with a 50-amp breaker.

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This abashing in labeling is partly the aftereffect of cipher compliance. For a accessory to be operated continuously for hours, it allegation accomplish at 80 percent or beneath of the best accommodation of the ambit breaker and wiring.

The reviews listed on the afterward pages acutely appearance the achievement appraisement of anniversary EVSE.

Size allegory of electric-car charging stations (EVSEs) on auction today, March 2016

Volvo Elbilar 2021
 Release Date
Exterior Volvo Elbilar 2021


All EVSEs listed beneath are either NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 rated for either calm or alfresco installation. The aberration is that NEMA 4 can be bashed bottomward and is a little added acclimate resistant.

For an alfresco installation, it is apparently best to accept the J1772 adapter at the end of the cable (the accessory plugs into the electric car’s charging port) blow in a holster that protects it from the elements.

It may alike be account accepting a carpenter body a little roof over your alfresco charging station, aloof so that it feels some love.

Physical size

Some charging stations are appreciably ample and bulky. The Leviton unit, for example, is 24 inches aerial by 16 inches wide. Some are added than they look, too.

Most garages accept allowance for this on a wall, but the accidentally ample admeasurement has still bent some owners by surprise.

Older ChargePoint electric-car charging station

If you are adorable for commodity small, accede the JuiceBox which is alone 10 inches aerial by 6 inches wide.

The angel at the top of this commodity shows the EVSEs covered actuality at the aforementioned scale, so their differences in admeasurement can be bigger appreciated.

Brands and models

There are a lot of EVSE choices in the market, about too many. The acceptable account is that they all assume to assignment able-bodied now, admitting some problems accomplished in the ancient canicule of avant-garde electric cars a few years ago. No bulk which cast you choose, you are absurd to affliction it.

Note that about the aforementioned architect offers assorted units and variations. Breadth possible, we chose charging stations with a 25-foot cable, a bung connection, and 30 amps or added of current.

Many companies activity less-expensive 16-amp versions of their product, but affairs one seems hardly short-sighted. For alone $100 more, you can get faster charging accommodation and future-proof your accouterments somewhat.

2015 BMW i3 REx charging at Crevier BMW, Santa Ana, California [photo: Jeff Pantukhoff]


Received acumen says EVSEs are ridiculously big-ticket for what they do. This is acceptable true, and prices are trending downward.

For the moment, the choices for a new electric-car buyer appear bottomward to: 1) pay $400 to $800 for a acceptable Level 2 EVSE, 2) stick with slower 120-volt brief charging, or 3) acquisition a lower-cost open-source EVSE option.

Including installation, the Level 2 charging base is acceptable to set you aback about in the adjacency of $1,000. I feel this is able-bodied account it to get the best use out of an electric vehicle.

After account hundreds of reviews and talking to abounding bodies about their EVSEs, not a distinct actuality bidding affliction of accepting spent the money.

Rebates, tax credits, incentives

The Federal government offers a 30-percent acclaim on your assets taxes for the acquirement and accession of a electric-car charging base at a claimed residence, up to a best bulk of $1,000. (There are abstracted rules for businesses.)

As always, argue your tax able about your specific situation. Still, this allurement adeptness booty some of the bite out of the bulk of an EVSE.

Some states and localities accept had assorted incentives to install EVSEs as well. Again, analysis with a tax able afterwards you do your research.

2017 Chevrolet Volt


This analysis is long, so here’s some quick admonition if you don’t appetite to absorb a lot of time account the details.

 If you don’t appetite to anticipate too adamantine about your best of a charging station, get a ClipperCreek HCS-40. The believability and the company’s chump support, both absolute with adept owners, accomplish this assemblage the go-to choice.

If you appetite a added fully-featured assemblage with internet connectivity and the adeptness to agenda your charging (to booty advantage of brief rates), the ChargePoint Home 25 is acceptable your best choice.

If amount is your capital consideration, the $399 GE DuraStation is activity to be boxy to beat—and admitting its low price, the assemblage is reliable and does the job.

And now, on to the abundant listings!

Clipper Creek HCS-40 electric-car charging base (EVSE)

ClipperCreek HCS-40

The Scoop: Both ClipperCreek and the HCS-40 account the accomplished ratings from barter and about afterwards barring get recommended. While the HCS-40 is a newer model, ClipperCreek congenital its acceptability on the earlier CS-40 assemblage that is added ill-fitted for business installations than home use. But the aerial affection and accurate believability of the CS-40 has been translated into a HCS-40 that is abate and added ill-fitted to home accession and backed by reportedly arch chump service.

 The assemblage itself, which is proudly appear as Fabricated in America, is a basal adorable atramentous apartment about which the bond can be wrapped. That asylum is NEMA 4 rated for alfresco use. A abstracted holster can be installed as a accumulator breadth for the J1772 adapter aback it is not acquainted into the car.  This can be actual acceptable aback the analytic breadth for the EVSE in the barn is not the aforementioned as the analytic breadth to abundance the end of the connector. There are no buttons to columnist and no timer or connectivity options, aloof basal lights advertence power, charging, and faults.

Volvo Elbilar 2021
Concept Volvo Elbilar 2021

 Many people’s chase for a affection EVSE ends aback they get to the ClipperCreek HCS-40, and conceivably castigation should too.

ChargePoint Home 25 electric-car charging base (EVSE)

ChargePoint Home 25

The Scoop:  (Full Disclosure: The columnist purchased this unit, but has no accord with ChargePoint and was not compensated in any way).

 ChargePoint Home is calmly the nicest looking, compact, affiliated EVSE on auction today, and it is additionally one of the priciest. Absolutely configured with a 6-50 bung and the 25’ cable, the amount is $749, although the beneath 18’ cable and hardwire adaptation drops the amount to $649, putting it added in-line with the amount of added chargers.

Confusingly, ChargePoint refers to this EVSE as the “Home 25” assemblage which is their way of advertence that you can add up to 25 afar of ambit per hour.  While able-bodied intended, it adeptness abash bodies into cerebration it is a 25 amp model, which it is not. It provides 32 amps of charging. This adds to the exchange abashing that already exists with some manufacturers apropos to their 32 amp chargers as 40 amps because that is the breaker admeasurement needed. So don’t await on artefact names to acquaint you how abounding amps EVSEs output.

 One added point to get out of the way; the cable is awash as a abstracted item. So don’t get too aflame aback you see the ChargePoint Home 25 advertised for, say, $523 because that does not accommodate the cable. By alone affairs the EVSE and the cable, the architect reduces the cardinal of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), which simplifies inventory. Cable accession is simple and does not crave any tools. A baby allurement in the cable accumulation confirms to the capital ambit lath that the cable is both installed and not addled left/right. Keeping the cable as a user advantageous account has a abeyant advantage that advance from an 18’ to a 25’ bond is easy, as is replacing the bond if it anytime gets damaged.

The ChargePoint Home is actual accessible to install. The architect is anxious abundant to accommodate the bare lag screws, assignment bit, and hex disciplinarian for installation. The WiFi connectivity is set up application the ChargePoint app and a adaptable phone. Aboriginal the buzz connects to the EVSE and afresh the app is acclimated to configure the affiliation to the home WiFi. The app allows for alien start, scheduling, reminders, and charging history (both for your home EVSE and accessible ChargePoint stations). The arrangement additionally integrates with Nest thermostats to accommodate both home activity and EV activity burning in one report. The EVSE software itself can be adapted over the WiFi connection. If you accept TOU (time of use) metering, the connectivity and scheduling accessible in this accessory is actual valuable. Also, you don’t allegation to bastard out to the barn to see if the car is acquainted in, you aloof allegation to analysis your buzz or use their web interface.

The concrete accessory has a arena ablaze that glows blooming aback ready, aflame blooming aback accessible and scheduled, dejected for charging, and red for fault. There are no buttons on the EVSE itself. Aloof active in the J1772 adapter to the car starts the charging process. The assemblage is added alone to JuiceBox for pettiness of footprint. However, the acquisition the adeptness in cable through the basal of the assemblage is beneath aesthetically adorable than accepting it appear through the aback as is the case with abounding models of EVSE. One able buyer did administer to close-off the infeed wire aperture on the basal of the ChargePoint Home and avenue the wire through a knockout on the aback for a actual clean, baby brand installation.

 One nice feature, if you appetite to allegation your car immediately, but the charging timer is set, you can affected this by unplugging the car and replugging it in afresh aural 7 seconds. That simple activity overrides the charging timer.

So if you are adorable for the atomic big-ticket EVSE on the market, ChargePoint Home 25 is not what you want. But if you would like a aerial quality, attractive, affiliated unit, fabricated by a aggregation with a abundant reputation, and are accommodating to pay a little more, you may accept begin the assemblage for you.

JuiceBox Archetypal Copy 40 electric-car charging base (EVSE)

eMotorWerks JuiceBox 40A EV Charger

The Scoop: Started as a kickstarter attack a few years ago, eMotorWerks is now a acknowledged aggregation with abounding ardent fans. Inside the asperous automated aluminum asylum are apparatus with a acceptable reputation. The “classic edition” adaptation is able of carrying 9.6 KW, which is decidedly added than best units which about are 7.2 or 7.7 KW. The JuiceBox is at a lower amount point than most, to boot. Unless you own a Tesla, you are acceptable to alone be able to use 6.6 KW. But it is nice to apperceive that 9.6 KW is accessible in case your abutting EV can use it.

 The apartment is one of the aboriginal on the bazaar which abounding barter adore for the adeptness to booty the EVSE with them in their car to a alien location.

 While the functions are basal on the “classic edition” for an added $100 the “pro” adaptation adds Wifi connectivity that allows a smartphone app and web interface to ascendancy allegation scheduling and activity monitoring.

If you appear to accept a Tesla with the alternative 20KW charger on board, eMotorWorks has you covered with a 75A archetypal for $899.

But the archetypal copy is the best amount aggressive with a nice baby unit, a acceptable reputation, no accretion or whistles, and a rather basal automated look.

GE DuraStation electric-car charging base (EVSE)

GE DuraStation

The Scoop: A actual basal no basal EVSE at the everyman accessible price. This assemblage consists of a bartering accepted gray artificial electrical box with no appearance to blanket up the cable or holster to abundance the J1772 bung in aback not actuality used. However, barter application it are actual blessed because it works able-bodied admitting the no basal nature.

 The assemblage is so basal that you allegation assignment your own aperture in the box aloof to install the admission electrical wire. That box, in accession to not actuality actual adorable is absolutely large. Accession is bedfast by poor instructions (Tip: attending online for bigger instructions as cardboard copies are almost legible). There is absolutely no timer, or WiFi connection, heck there isn’t alike a adeptness switch. But abounding barter are altogether accomplished with that. There is a jumper that allows alternative from 15, 20, 30, and 40 amps which is actual advantageous breadth absolute base cannot backpack the abounding current. You do get a red/green LED on the avant-garde of the assemblage which shows if the arrangement is charging or has a fault, but no LED ablaze at the business end of the cable to aid active into the car at night. That cable, by the way is alone 18 basal long, so plan accordingly.

 If you appetite a basal charging base at the everyman cost, this aloof adeptness be the assemblage for you. If you would like to accept a holster to go with it aloof chase for a J1772 EVSE Secure Holder / Dock for EV Charging Station, Bank Plate on Amazon or eBay.

GE WattStation electric-car charging base (EVSE)

GE WattStation

The Scoop: The WattStation is about able-bodied admired by owners. It is added beautiful than its abundant beneath big-ticket GE DuraStation cousin, with a atramentous agleam blush and argent trim. The avant-garde face is alike customizable with GelaSkins disposable skins.

Other than that, it is a appealing basal assemblage with no timer and no internet connectivity. A adeptness about-face allows the assemblage to be shut off completely. A arena of ablaze LEDs brighten on the charger which functions as a night ablaze in the garage—which is good, because electric cars are abashed of the aphotic (little accepted fact).

But several owners anticipation the lights were too ablaze and concluded up accoutrement them with atramentous electrical tape. A blooming LED indicates charging and a red one indicates a fault. The assemblage mounts on a bracket in such a way that it can be confused for transport, or bound in abode to anticipate theft.

The WattStation is large, shockingly so. Abounding owners were taken aback aback the box accustomed on their doorstep. The adeptness bond (for the constituent version) is abbreviate at 12” which requires planning and possibly ascent the NEMA 6-50 aperture upside down.

Older units accept a loud thunk aback the contactors abutting and a hum during operation. New units are appear to be abundant quieter.

WIth its attractive, if large, asylum and affordable price, the WattStation is a abundant best for anyone that has acceptable amplitude for the assemblage and no allegation for connectivity or timer functions.

Siemens Versicharge electric-car charging base (EVSE)

Siemens VC30GRYU Versicharge

The Scoop: Siemens is a behemothic in the electrical industry, but conceivably not a domiciliary name in the U.S. The Versicharge provides reliable account and includes an chip holster for autumn the J1772 adapter aback it is not actuality used.

Volvo Elbilar 2021
 Performance and New Engine
New Model and Performance Volvo Elbilar 2021

A “halo” ablaze indicates status: beating blooming aback charging, solid blooming for absolutely charged, and red for fault. That ablaze can be angry off, a affection added than a few users accept taken advantage of. The asylum is adorable although somewhat large.

Mounting is flexible; the assemblage can be purchased with or afterwards a NEMA 6-50 plug. As with added units, the cable on the 6-50 bung is acutely abbreviate so plan accordingly. One able affection is that you can install it with a bung but accept the bung affiliation hidden abaft the assemblage for a actual apple-pie look.  

The hardwire can appear in with a basal or rear augment for units afterwards a plug. Best charging bulk is adjustable via a board-level selector about-face that can be advantageous to booty advantage of above-mentioned wirng that isn’t able of administration its abounding 40 amps.

A actual accepted affection is delayed start. The user can adjournment the alpha of charging 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours so that charging can action afterwards at night to booty advantage of lower ante or to aloof affluence the accountability on the grid. (Note: this may not anon assignment with the Volkswagen e-Golf or Fiat 500e, which is apparently an affair with the car rather than the EVSE).

The accession adviser is on an included blooming deride drive that looks like a key chain, which some owners accept afield discarded!

A scattering of users accept had a red gasket move out of position in the J1772 adapter authoritative charging impossible.  Others accept had the application blow on the J1772 adapter fail. The acceptable bodies at Siemens accept beatific out replacements. Some users say they are aghast by the awkward fit of the J1772 adapter into the holster.

Overall, the Versicharge is a abundant EVSE accurate by an accustomed company, alms a advantageous delayed-start charging feature. A promised approaching SG archetypal will accept WiFi connectivity.

Leviton EVR-Green 400 electric-car charging base (EVSE)

Leviton EVB40-PST Evr-Green 400

The Scoop: For barter owning a Tesla, RAV4 EV, or Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, or those adorable to future-proof their EVSE, the Leviton Evr-Green 400 is account a look. It can allegation at 40 amps (9.6 KW), conspicuously added than best chargers that activity alone 30 or 32 amps (7.2 or 7.7 KW).

The assemblage comes in an attractive, if large, case with an chip holster. Three lights on the avant-garde appearance power, charging, or fault, giving a simple and apple-pie user interface with no avant-garde appearance to complicate the experience. For the constituent version, a 6-50 aperture is required, and buyers should plan adjustment carefully, as the cable is alone 12 inches long.

One point of annoyance for some users is that the adaptation with the 6-50 bung doesn’t appear with a bracket. That allegation be purchased separately, as allotment of an $84 accession kit that includes several added apparatus that may not be needed.

Early teething problems from 2013 and 2014 assume to accept been resolved, and users address the accepted Leviton assemblage to be rock-solid. Although there is no adeptness about-face (you’ll accept to use the breaker), the assemblage alone consumes 5 watts aback idle, apparently about the aforementioned as your bake oven.

For electric-car owners adorable for a accurate 40-amp EVSE as a future-proofing option—and accept acceptable allowance on their barn wall—the Evr-Green 400 is one of the few options accessible (the JuiceBox is the added one).

Bosch PowerMax electric-car charging base (EVSE)

Blink HQ / Bosch EL-51254 PowerMax

The Scoop: This EVSE is bogus by Delta Electronic, best acceptable in Taiwan, and awash by both Bosch and Blink with alone accessory variations in cable breadth and color, but a cogent aberration in price.  The Blink branded assemblage is about $250 beneath expensive, although it comes with alone an 18-foot bond rather than a 25-foot one.

The charging base is alone offered in a hardwired version, although some buyers accept adapted their units to use a plug. The architecture is minimalistic with alone a adeptness switch, a stop switch, some LEDs, and a holster for autumn the J1772 adapter aback not in use. The case is attractive, if a little large, fabricated from white artificial with a accumbent atramentous emphasis band for the Bosch or all atramentous in the case of the Blink.

 One affair to watch out for: The three-year assurance on the Adeptness Max is alone accessible if a Bosch Certified architect is acclimated for installation.  Otherwise the assurance is a bare one year—which has larboard a brace of owners with an $800 box that is out of assurance and cannot be repaired. For the Blink-branded units, alone a one-year assurance is available, far beneath than the three years offered by best manufacturers.

The Blink assemblage includes the added affection of delayed charging. The charging time can be delayed by 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours acceptance electric-car owners a simple way to bung in aback they access home in the evening, but adjournment that alpha of a charging affair to booty abode afterwards in the black and abate the accountability on the grid.  The Blink assemblage additionally comes with a $100 acclaim that can be activated to acquirement charging sessions at Blink accessible charging stations. This acclaim is acutely alone advantageous if you alive in an breadth area Blink has stations you are acceptable to frequent.

This solid, adorable EVSE is aces of consideration, and unless a 18-foot cable is artlessly too short, the lower amount of the Blink assemblage is apparently the one to go with.




AeroVironment EV Charger electric-car charging base (EVSE)

AeroVironment EV Charger

The Scoop: While the aggregation AeroVironment is hardly a domiciliary name, it absolutely should be, decidedly if that domiciliary happens to accommodate an electric car.

AeroVironment played a cogent role in the improvement of avant-garde electric cartage by creating the GM Sunraycer and GM Impact, a antecedent of the EV1. It created abundant of the cyberbanking technologies that abide in avant-garde EVs.

It may be that acceptability that led Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, Fiat, Kia, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Volvo to accomplice with AeroVironment to activity their charging stations, about rebranded. But there is no mistaking the characteristic annular white artificial EVSE for annihilation added than an AeroVironment product, alike if the characterization on the avant-garde says Ford or Nissan or BMW.

This EVSE has a simple alpha and stop button to ascendancy the unit, forth with bristles LEDs that announce charging status. It has a reliable acceptability but lacks connectivity to the internet or any added abstracts channel.

The amount is on the college end of the ambit of non-connected EVSEs, but AeroVironment’s continued acquaintance may artlessly be account advantageous for.

 (Note: An advertised arrangement connectivity version, alleged the EVSE-RS , does not assume to be broadly available, and abutment for its appearance in the broader electric-car association appears to be weak.)


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Volvo Elbilar 2021
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Volvo Elbilar 2021
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